A girl who fought for ten years with circumstances to get the right of education

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By Sister Zeph

On 29 August, 2013

Komal has been living in a village near by Lahore for a long time her family was a happy one, they were not so rich, even they did not own the house, but they loved each other, her father was a laborer and could not earn much money, But her mother was a wise lady, so she was used to manage things in a good manner. Komal was the youngest one among her four brothers and two sisters and had been going to school, she was having dreams to do something in her life, and she never did anything that could waist her time, but she always tried to study and to help her mother in her work. She passed her fifth standard with good marks and was in sixth standard when one day, Everything was finished, Her rented home was collapsed in the flood, all luggage of home pots, cloths, even her books every things was gone, Her father was trying to rescue them all, he sent the children on a safe place but he himself could not survive. Now her mother was alone, with six children, they moved to Gujranwala in relatives’ home, mother started doing work to stitch foot balls, for four foot balls, she was being paid only $1 and this is how they were living their lives, her brothers who were just children started doing child labor to support the mother. They had been living in a single room for ten years; her brothers got married and started living in separate homes with their families, she could not carry on her studies because her relatives did not allow and her mother had to obey them because she was living in their home. But Komal Still wanted to study, she never stopped dreaming to go to school even at the age of 21 that is very unusual in Pakistan, because in this age she was suppose to be a mother of a few kids but luckily she is still unmarried. Because I am working on girl’s education and empowerment in Pakistan since sixteen years as a volunteer, so last week I visited a nearby village to ask girls to join my learning centers to learn skills and schools for a formal education. So next day Komal came to my home, and told me her story. I was very much impressed with her determination and her bravery , she never lose the hope, she never stopped dreaming , even ten years passed and she did not get a chance to hold a book . She wanted to start from sixth standard, so I gave her books and note books and from next day she joined our school, in morning, she will learn stitching and other skills and in evening she will study. She is very confident and looks kind. When she held books in her hands, she immediately embraced her books, like a mother who meets her children, whom she could not see for many years. She told me that she has been praying for this opportunity to study for many years, But could not get a chance to go to school, she had to stitch foot ball with mother, she had to take care of her nieces and nephews, But now she said, I have taken a decision and no one can change this, she said she will must study. I will never forget that moment, when she was crying with joy, and her face was full of hope, determination, and confidence, It was written very clearly on her face that she will must achieve her goals of life and will must make her dreams come true with the power of education and empowerment.

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