A Girl who is poor in wealth, but her self respect has made her wealthy

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By Sister Zeph

On 02 January, 2014

By Zephaniah

Moona is 14 years old girls at ZFE, she is in 8th standard but very weak, her mother told me one, that she cannot her good food even a glass of milk, and her diet is only two times bread in a day. Still she is very active and loving, her poverty did not make her greedy, she loves to help others, and I know she is the only girl in my school who can replace me, one day. Today it was first day in school of my students after winter vacation for 15 days, but still it is so much cold, their final exams are going to start in Feb, so I cannot send then on more vacation now. It is record breaking cold here in my city like many cities of the world. We got one room on rent in July 2013, but that is in use of a family, whose house was collapsed in rain last year, so again my children are in open air now. That family is suppose to leave our place in Feb -2014, they are so poor ,that cannot afford to pay rent anywhere so, I cannot ask them to leave now ,but because of this, my own students are suffering in winter, who were suppose to be in a room . Today when I reached to school from my office, I saw Moona was trembling with cold, she was not wearing sox, sweater or cap, I asked her why she was not wearing anything warm , she replied that she was feeling warm. I again asked her, I said see, as you ask your mother for anything that you need, you can ask me in a same way, because she is your physical mother and being your teacher I am your spiritual mother, so tell me do you have warm cloths she smiled and again said, No I have, But I do not need to wear that because I feel warm, she said it while she was trembling with cold. I know she will not take it from me. Last year when I gave warm cloths to other children she did not take any thing, but later her mother told me that she did not has any. But now I have made a plan, I will arrange a competition of that, in which she is best and then I will give her warm cloths as a prize. I love her self-respect, but I know I cannot sleep tonight because I do not know from how many days she is without warm clothes in this much cold during vacations from school.


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