A Third World Citizen’s Viewpoint

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By Sister Zeph

On 19 March, 2013

By Zephaniah

Why women are being raped so much this is a very big question for all of us. But when we see that this is increasing actually in third world, I think we can get the answer. Being a citizen of third world I feel something around me I feel why the women of this land are always scared of being raped by the men. And why the men think that women are very easy target.

We do not have courage

In our society we do not have courage to say wrong to the wrong and right to the right we live for our benefits whole life. We believe in slogans but we do not take an action. We always think that if we will take an action it can harm us.

We do not do long run planning.

So when something happen like this even women try to keep that girl silent and a strange thing is this that the victim feels sham on this that she was raped she tried to hide this incident .Coz there is no one to stand with her . And most painful thing is that if she will raise a voice against it, there will be very less chances for her to get married, Coz society will think that she is not a clean girl now. I remember when a school mate of mine told me in fourth standard that her uncle was touching her from the Vagina and he was kissing her so close, She told this to her mom but her mother said to the girl, Do not tell this to any one and keep quiet . Why women are scared to raise a voice? Women are scared to raise a voice against such things because they are totally dependent on men and they cannot go against them. This is a male dominated society. If women will do anything against men she will have to be punished for it. I know a 15 years old boy in my street that bind his elder sister with rope and made her injured by beating with a stick coz he saw her talking to a boy in the street. And even mother did not stop the boy. Mothers think that girl will get married and will go to another home but son will stay with them whole life so they should obey the son too.


Education gives us awareness, it teaches us to understand the difference between right and wrong, it tells us that how to live life with a purpose, it tells us that how to react and where to react on our feelings, it tells us to respect our relationships, But if there is no education, This is one of the main coz of being raped. Now this is an age of internet all kind of movies are in access of every one so those who do just labor work and do not get any chance to use the brain. They are not trained to do something new. They are not innovators, they do not have plan in life except getting married and to have sex freely. So they think of such things all the time coz they focus on it they have enough time. They watch such movies and keep trying to look for a chance. In this kind of societies even their own daughters and sisters are not safe . Poverty

People in our world do not have any kind of happiness in life. They are not satisfied for anything. They think only eating food and the having some times new cloths is the life. And after having this they have only one thing to do and that is do sex. Poverty is a very easy way to get involved in such things those are not allowed by the law. In most of the families, there are ten or twelve kids who live with parents in a same room so parents cannot have enough time with each other in bed they have to look for a chance all the time. So they sometime get very harsh with the kids. Women are being taught since the day one to be faithful with her husband and not do anything against his will, but as per culture coz man are free to do anything at home and outside of home so they look outside for such a chance to do rape Double standards We have make rules but we do not implement these rules.

Only solution

The only way to make the women secure is to give them awareness and education .Although this is very very difficult thing coz they will not listen to you. They will prefer to stay at home and bear all kind of cruelty then going out and fight for own rights Coz they are used to of it. But still we have to be going we cannot stop .Coz we have to save many lives. Women need to be strong in education, in career, in future planning. And she needs to come on front for each other as a woman. Only education can bring change in our society’s mind sets .


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