About Us

About us !

We educate, empower & Uplift women and children every day

Donate today to help us continue to educate children. Education keeps children and young women out of child labor, child marriage and honor killings


Our Mission

To raise the status of women through education and empowerment so they can have equal opportunities, rights and authority in their lives

Thousands of women are facing these problems every day here in Pakistan. Sister Zeph has been working tirelessly for many years to change these statistics. Please help us continue to change the lives of hundreds of women and children by donating today. Every contribution helps!

This initiative was taken by a 13 year old girl living in a slum area of rural Pakistan (Aroop Mor, Gujranwala, Pakistan)  who had to face gender discrimination from her family and society. Her uncle tried to kill her for being a girl at the age of three and then she had to face discrimination and physical violence in her school at thirteen therefor she decided to leave the school and to make her own in 1997.

She founded this school in the courtyard of her home and not only taught herself and got two Master degrees as a private student but she taught hundreds of other girls in the same courtyard for fourteen years.

She started doing a full time job at age of 15 to support her cause because education in her school is absolutely free, since day one, so she kept supporting her school all alone for fourteen years along with teaching at the school, teaching herself and her job.

In 2014 she joined social media and won a global prize for her teaching and writing and with prize money she built a small building for her school (now the skills center). Now at Zeph center there are 200 students who are getting twelve years of free education and annually 300 women learn skills like stitching, beautician work, physical fitness, self-defense techniques, science, art, IT education, English language, health Education, Finance management, Blogging, Career Counseling, Peace building and more. With help from organizations like Inspired Women Paying it Forward, Support Education Worldwide, Theresa Gattung Trust and many selfless people, Zephaniah has been able to take a large building on rent for the growing primary and secondary students. It was difficult to manage 285 students in one small building that is attached to Sister Zeph’s home.

Along with 13 teachers in the school we have had many collaborations with educators all over the planet that teach the girls an array of different subjects via Skype.