Lynn Syms Global Prize 2014

World Pulse had a partnership with sculptor and philanthropist Lynn Syms to announce the inaugural Lynn Syms Prize. In 2014, the prize is to award to an outstanding grassroots woman and visionary voice using digital tools to effect change and advance her community work

Changer Maker

Sister Zeph gave her first international speech at Bioneers Conference in USA with founder and CEO of World Pulse the Jensine Larsen where she was awarded Bioneers Chanage maker award

Excellent Performance award 2018

Eternal life ministries of Pakistan international and Isaac TV awarded us with Excellent performance award for our services to educate and empower women in Pakistan since two decades

Gold medal for the documentary from New York film festival 2016

Set in the heart of rural Pakistan, Flight Of The Falcons follows the remarkable journey of one schoolteacher and three of her students in their individual struggles against child marriages, corporal punishment and societal pressures, to achieve a collective dream: empowering women through education. In a country where 25 million children do not make it to school, and where the Taliban have bombed hundreds of girls schools, it is a compelling and deeply human struggle that revolves around Riffat Arif, a 30-year old woman and educator, who is aiming to inspire and empower Pakistani women through her two room school in her tiny town of the Punjab province – home to more half of Pakistan’s out of school children.

Executive Producer: Mashizan Masjum

Producer/Director: Shehzad Hameed Ahmad

Associate Producer: Rehmat Ali, Sidra Saeed
Directors of Photography: Shehzad Hameed Ahmad, Mumtaz Bhatti
Production Managers: Kavitha Wijeyeratne, Lynn Hazlina Peer, Serene Kwok.
Editor: Jonathan Lewis
Assistant Editor: Shawal Sarip

For Channel News Asia

Commissioning Editor: Mok Choy Lin
Assistant Producer: Sara-Ann Yumi R