Ayesha,who has changed the History of her family Through Education

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By Sister Zeph

On 29 July, 2015

My name is Ayesha we are seven sisters and one brother, I am a first one who has completed her education until 10th standard. It has never happened before in the history of my family infect there is no one who has completed her education until 8th standard, when I completed my primary education there was a lot of pressure on my parents to do not allow me to go to school anymore. My grandparents and my uncles wanted me to get married as soon as possible , because this is what happens in my culture, my mother was just 16 when she got married , now she is 33 and has eight children , she is very weak and looks older then her age.

On this success of mine only my parents and sister Zeph are happy all others are giving very discouraging remarks, but I do not care of anything because my parents and my sister Zeph are with me. I want to join the Pak Army and I thought of this after joining Zeph Education, before that there was no goal of my life. But in this center we are not only being taught to dream and to have goals but we are being provided all kind of facilities to make our dreams come true.

Before my father was so much against my education but then my sister Zeph convinced him, she asked him to allow education for Ayesha and that she will fulfill all my expenses from her own pocket.

It has been four years since I have joined Zeph education and during all these years I have felt a tremendous change in my personality, all the students of our center have dreams for their lives.

Sister Zeph works day and night to make all these dreams true, all the students have a lot of confidence and knowledge because here we are being treated with love and respect.

Sister Zeph is a self made woman and we all want to follow her footsteps, I was not suppose to complete my matriculation without Zeph Education,

Sister Zeph helps every one, she wants everyone to be education , she does not discriminate on the bases of religion, color, cast or area of living and this is what we are learning and trying to spread in our society .

I am very much weak, we are very poor people we can hardly have two meals in a day. So I know it will be very difficult for me to pass the medical examination for joining the Army, that’s why my center is again there for me to get me enough diet like milk, fruits, eggs etc to make me healthier so that I can win all the battles of my life in the future.

there is no concept of doing a job for girls in my family but I will change this culture.

I know sister Zeph has so much pain all the time in her shoulders and this is because of over work and stress, but I cannot measure her love for all human beings because it is endless and un measureable I will support the center when I will get a job so that she does not have to do this much work for the students.


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