Breaking News from Pakistan of an Inhuman Act

Posted November 14, 2016 from Pakistan
‘They Made Us Drink Their Urine, Spat In Our Faces, Raped Us’ – Transgender Brutally Beaten In Sialkot

In Pakistan, the rights of minorities – be it religious communitiesor gender groups– seem to bein a perpetual state of suspension.

Judging by incidents thatwe, unfortunately, encounter all too regularly in our country, it would not be a case ofovershooting the mark if one assumes that people from majority groups have been allowed to think they can do asthey please with members ofthe under-represented segments of our society.

Only a few dare toquestion the offenders, and even fewer take a stand against them.

However, the power of social media has its perks.

When it can make a Chai Wala famous just for his looks, it can even ensure that the law actually gets to such people. The same happened this morning.

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