Breaking the Silence Campaign 2015, from shame to pride in Pakistan

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By Sister Zeph

On 30 March, 2015

Thank you World Pulse for giving us this Opportnity to meet each other.

We are very proud and honored to share this news with our family at the World Pulse that we are going to launch breaking the Silence Campaign -2015 from Sham to Pride in Pakistan.

Thanks to the world Pulse for giving us a chance to me meet Dearest Ch Urmila from India, who is a very brave lady, working to spread awareness about menstrual hygiene not only in India but in so many other courtiers, where women still feel sham on having menses, they have to hide when they have this period every month, some of them have to leave their home and stay alone out of home in a horrible condition due to which they have to face so many health issues

Thank you Ch Urmila for your great work 

But our global Sister Urmila has taken this initiative to change the mind sets of the people and we are proud to stand with her. By this partnership we are going to spread this information among hundreds of women in Pakistan, with a hope and effort that they will learn to be proud being  women and on having menses .


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