Breaking the Silence

We are very proud and honored to share this news with our family at World Pulse that we are going to launch ‘Breaking the Silence Campaign 2015- from Shame to Pride in Pakistan.’ Thanks to World Pulse for giving us a chance to me meet the brave, Ch Urmila from India, who is working to spread awareness about menstrual hygiene not only in India, but around the world. A majority of women in Pakistan still feel shame during their menstrual cycle. Many women hide or run away from home during their period every month, leaving them in unsanitary and unhealthy positions. Our global Sister Urmila has taken on this project in order to change the mindsets of the community and we are proud to stand with her. With this partnership we hope to spread factual scientific information and change the negative stigma behind periods. We will teach women it is a natural occurrence and how they can stay clean and healthy through it. We arrange theatrical performances to bring a positive change in the mind of our community members. We want to show the community that girls have rights that need to be respected.

A new Collaboration-” Transformation Through Colors” from USA to Pakistan

We are happy to announce that Malee Kenworthy of Vancouver, Washington has volunteered her time to teach our students art via Skype. Her favorite medium is acrylic, but she is willing to help us learn with any materials. Art classes in schools have many proven positive benefits including enhanced creativity, motor skills development, confidence, perseverance, focus and collaboration.

Iffat and Sister Zeph’s collaboration for Women’s Empowerment through Digital Technology

Life for women in Pakistan is very hard, but there are many people who want to help them fight for their civil rights and to have better living standards. They fight daily for women to have access to education and knowledge of their rights, yet progress for women is very slow. There are many reasons of this. The most significant reason is that women have no access to digital technology. Many people think that a computer is only to do a job and because women in rural Pakistan are not allowed to have a career it is believed they do not need to learn computer skills. Slowly, Zephaniah Free Education is changing this point of view by giving computer skills to mothers and daughters at a same time and expressing to them how important access to social media and digital technology is in their lives. The issue now is we have many eager students willing to learn computer skills, but not enough computers or computer programs. We also need continuous money to afford a computer teacher’s salary. These women depend on our program to teach them all they need to know in order to get a job and we hope not to fail them simply because we can not afford a teacher. Thanks to our friend Iffat Rose Gill, who is the Chairperson and Founder of the ChunriChoupaal Organization, a program in Pakistan seeking to raise the status of women through digital technology, we may have an answer to our prayers. She has kindly offered to teach our girls with hundreds of online programs and we have many students who already want to join her online classroom. With her collaboration we are going to make hundreds of girls a part of the Global Village.