Education is a life time dowry and a gift of parents for a daughter.

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By Sister Zeph

On 13 July, 2013

By Sister Zeph This beautiful lady is eighty five years old , she has three sons and one daughter, she has 15 grandsons and 14 grand daughters, She cannot walk properly , she is sick and weak , one day I saw she was drinking juice was standing in front of my door, Someone gave this to her, she lives three doors next to my home , at that time she was coming from her duty , and wanted to finished the juice before reaching to her home, because if she would have reached home, she will have to share this to the children. And may be today she wanted to drink it herself only. Her eye glasses have been broken and she has fixed them with a rope, she works in a home and in a factory as a cleaner. Today when I was coming to my office while crossing the road, I saw it was not easy for her to cross, so I held her hand and we both crossed the road, I thought she should not do this much work in this age, this the time when she should take some rest, But no one can stop her, because she has to do this. Her son Saleem has five daughters, now all of them are young and waiting for the day, when they will get married. Almost every week someone come to their home to see them, that either they can be good wives for their sons or not, and every week they have to prepare themselves to be presented and to be rejected by the visitors. But they have to be rejected because they are poor and cannot afford to give dowry. So the old lady is working so hard to support his son, So that they can make dowry and their girls will get marry one day. Now what will happen they will make a dowry for this, they will collect money , will scarifies very small desires , will borrow some money for this , that they will keep returning little by little for years , and for this they will work whole life, And more painful thing is that still they cannot guaranty the happiness of the girl after getting married. This is a very common story of every girl of my poor society, They are taught from day one that, one day they will get married , they learn cooking , cleaning, stitching and then wait for a prince, with whom they will remain happy forever and ever . Sometimes it takes years they get old, their hair get grey in wait to get married. So many people come and reject them due to their poverty. Their mothers’ whole life prepares their dowry, but by the time they have to make more and more as per requirements. By looking all these efforts we can feel that, how much parents love their daughters and how much they want them to be happy. But I think they do not know yet easier way, to make the girls and themselves a happy family. Dowry is a one of the reasons that, people do not want girls and they want sons, because sons will earn money for the family but on girl they will have to spend a lot to make dowry for her. But if they will do only one thing that , they make their girls educated , they give them skills, they make them professionals, they will not have to do this much struggle for their dowry . Education will never live the girls alone. They will be able to earn and to make and to buy whatever they need Parents will have a right, time and sources to live their own lives. They will not have to use wrong means to earn money for dowry Girls will not have to commit suicide Girls will not be a burden for the society. They will be strong and confident Dowry is a bad thing and it should not be demanded, no law allows this, but our culture has made it essential, and cultures cannot be changed by laws, they get change by education and awareness. So we need to aware the parents of importance of girls education , Western World knows it already but we have to spread this message in third world on a vast level . As I am doing in my free school since fifteen years, I have taught five hundred girls I have guided them to be professionals, I have given them skills earn own money and all this I did at my own without any source or help. Now a few friends of mine giving me moral and financial help, So I will do more and more , only education is a solution of our all problems, Girls are not a burden , we are a half part of this world , World depends on us , We do not depend on this world .


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