Even Little Girls Can Change the Lives

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By Sister Zeph

On 04 February, 2014

About one year before I was walking on the road to come to my office, when two men on motor bike came and stopped in front of me, both of them were wearing helpmates, I had never seen then before or after that.

The man who was wearing red helmet looked at me, pointed his index finger to me and said with an anger we know what you are doing, stop it or get ready to die and they left in a second.

I thought of it for a few days, but did not tell it any one in my family or they could get worried for me. And after a few days I just forgot about it, I never saw them again.

Yesterday when I went to home, I saw Atiya student of 4th standard, she is a genius girl, I always expect her to stand first in the class, because she can I know, she is very confident, her hand writing is amazing. She learns her lesson very fast, apart from this she is very good human being, and because she finishes her work first of all in the class, so what she does is, she teaches other students too, those who are weak, and she can make a difference, she teaches with love and care and like a qualified teacher.

Yesterday she took tests of four junior girls and I was amazed to see the results, her signatures and comments on the tests were so perfect.

Her students were also very happy to see their progress.

My mother is 65 years old , last week when I was making breakfast she was standing with me and she told me that , she want to learn reading the books, It was a good news of course, My mother never went to school, but she loves the education, In the day time when I do a full time job, she alone looks after the home, and women learning center, she takes the attendance of the teachers and students, she keeps there discipline , provides them clean drinking water, at home she cooks food, cleans pots and washes cloths.

And now she is going to study too, without her I cannot do it all, I will live at home or I will do the job. So now my mother is also going to be a student of Atiya, because she is one of the best teachers, when I requested her she was very excited that she will teach my mom, when she will have time she will teach my mother reading and writing.

Not only Atiya but many students of mine are giving their knowledge and skills to each other and they love to do it.

During last five years there was not even single fight or dispute among my students, they all love and respect each other, whenever there is new student, all the seniors are there to help and support.

It is mid night here but still I am unable to sleep with joy because I am thinking of my students, who are so many and all of them are trying to do the same, what they have learnt from me.

So I am thinking this time, every one of us has to die, But what never dies is, our thinking, our opinion and our contribution to make this world a better place.

So if some day I will die due to any reason that will not be my death, because I will remain alive through my students, through my work and through my contribution to my world.

Because when I will not be there my students will do the rest of my work.


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