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Inspired Women Paying it Forward

We want to thank the Pittsburgh Chapters of Inspired Women Paying it Forward for generating over $12,000 in 2018 to support the work of Sister Zeph.  Their  mission statement says it all:  We create space for Women who have More in their Lives to take action on Behalf of Women who have less.  Check them out at www.Inspiredwomen.com to see if these quarterly/philanthropic chapter meetings would work in your area!  Debra Dion Krischke is a tireless advocate for women and the founder of this great collective giving circle with impact! 

World Pulse



“We’re an award-winning social network connecting women worldwide for change. By harnessing the power of technology, we help create a world — both online and off — where women unite to share resources, launch movements, start businesses, run for office, and courageously tell their stories. A world where all women thrive.”

World Pulse has not only given us a platform to speak and spread awareness about what we do but they have also connected us with sponsors and donors. Thank you so much World Pulse!


Theresa Gattung

Leading New Zealand businesswoman, author & philanthropist.

“Growing up my three sisters and I were taught that women can be anything they want to be when provided with equal opportunities. That belief has never left me and for more than 20 years I have supported groups dedicated to empowering women, including Women’s Refuge, and the New Horizons for Women Trust.  I am Patron of the Cambodia Charitable Trust founded by Denise Arnold and personally support many girls to provide further education opportunities for them in Cambodia.”

In October 2017 Theresa donated $10,000 to help us buy our van/ transportation. This has been helping us save lives and accomplish even more than before. Thank you so much Theresa!


The Global Sisterhood



The Global Sisterhood has partnered with Inspired Women paying it Forward in 2018 to help raise over $5,000 for Zephaniah. We used these funds to help expand our school. They have also featured us in their 2018 Global Gala and have been generous in helping us reach some of our goals. Thank you so much Global Sisterhood!

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