Girls are learning to live a life

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By Sister Zeph

On 14 August, 2014

Rukhsana is an adopted child of her mother and such beautiful girl; she did her matriculation two years before. I like her so much because she is one of the girls who have ambitions in life , she has got a style, her confidence level is very high , she wanted to be an Air Hostess, But then she got engaged ,she accepted it and was happy because after all this is what she would have to do, but did not stop dreaming, but then one day her father died and she had to do a job, which, her in-laws did not like, they made many stories and her mother was humiliated by them and they said that now she will use the money of her daughter which is still being considered a very shameful thing in our culture. At that moment this young girl took an amazing decision which was unbelievable for the people living in surrounding, because a girl can never have courage to do this in this culture. She announced that she did not want to marry that man who does not allow her to do a job, and if he was making such stories about her before marriage after that he will be more uncivilized the engagement ring was returned and this relationship was over. Now she came to my center and told me that she wants to be an Air hostess, so I searched a few jobs in some airlines for her, and came to know that her qualification was not enough to get that job, so she took admission at our center. And from today she is going to learn to use computer, she will attend English language learning class. And will do her intermediate too so that she can qualify to get a job as an Air hostess. Her life is going to be changed and because of her courage many lives will to be courageous.


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