Girls need Food

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By Sister Zeph

On 18 June, 2015

Neela is a 16 years old girl, eldest among her two brothers and one sister, she is in 10th standard and her goal is to join the Police department.

A few days before when she told a teacher in the center that she has to take a pain killer every day because she has body ache all the time, teacher guided her to drink milk then she will be alright, then this girl told that, in her house they cook food only a few times in a week, sometime they sleep without eating anything and sometimes they just drink plan water and go to the beds, her father is a patient of hepatitis C and her mother is a patient of TB.

Laila is also 16 years old she wants to be a journalist, but still she does not menstruate because of blood deficiency, her mother has to stitch foot balls and she is being paid $1 for stitching four foot balls. Her father has some problem in his back bone and there is no money to get him treatment.

Lubna is a 17 years old girl waiting for the result of her matriculation exams and she wants to be a soldier in the Pak Army , they are seven sisters and one brother, her father made this much girls because every time he thought this will be boy, And because girls have to leave for husband’s home one day so it is not parents’ responsibility to feed them good according to him, so her father sits in the kitchen every time when it come to serve the food to children along with Lubna’s mother, and he gives them a small piece of  cooked potato and some rice to eat , they cannot demand for more , no matter how much hungry they are.

These three girls are so much weak, weakness can be seen through their eyes and bodies like skeleton.

Three of them have big dreams, three of them deserve all that a girl should have, but none of them have that.

Can somebody imagine the helplessness, when you are a child and you are so much hungry and you do not tell your parents that you are hungry, because either you are scared of them or you know they are also hungry because of their poverty?

I buy them uniform, books and sometimes food, but this is not enough, and they need to eat every day, because it is their right.

I was used to think that why our country is not doing that much progress as many other countries are doing, but when I looked at these girls I realized, because our country does not invest on our girls that’s why they are not producing healthy children.

And because a healthy body has a healthy mind, but those generations who are lacking protein, calcium, and Iron, how they can achieve their goals?

I wish one day we will have a lunch room in our center, where all students will be given a healthy and balanced food once a day.


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