Give a shut up call, if you are being harassed at work place.

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By Sister Zeph

On 21 November, 2013

By Zephaniah

I usually do not share my volunteer work with my team members at Office, because this is my personal and I try to focus on my office work. So a man who is my colleague from last six years in this organization. When I joined , his behavior was not good with me, Because I felt he was not a decent man and being a female I would not got frank with him, So when I ignored him due to his indecent attitude towards female colleagues. He started doing propaganda against me. Although I am doing a job in a telecom company, and I am being offered a landline connection free of charge by the organization, but still I did not get this service, Because I did not want him to call me without reason at home. He was used to call female staff at their homes because being an employee he was having an access to these numbers, provided to the employees by the organization. One day a friend of mine told me that, he called on her number and talked very dirty about me to her. It has been six years, still he has no courage to talk to me directly, because whenever he tried to do so, I gave him shut up call to be in his limits. Last month I was talking to my female friend and she told, he does not give good remarks about you. I still kept silent, because I knew he was still doing propaganda against me because he has no courage to talk to me. Today in the office my all staff members wanted me to give them a treat , Because my salary was increased two months before, But I said my students do not have proper arrangements to sit on in winter, do not you think that is more important than our treat to buy some thick sheets for them ? And when they asked about it, I showed them all photos of my kids, one hundred girls studying in open air. Some learning stitching, some learning hair dressing and some are doing language courses. He was there too, he did not speak any thing, but after wards talked to the other colleague, and he said (Do you ever think what good thing you are doing for our world, I am sad that, I never thought this) Then after one hour he came to me and said, Sister you are doing a great job and I respect you a lot, please tell me if you need any help any time.


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