Her life can be changed only with $ 80

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By Sister Zeph

On 03 November, 2013

By Zephaniah

Noor is my student of Bachelors, Her family is very strict, In the history of her family none of the girls has yet got education, But she is the only one who did intermediate, She went to the college too, it was a difficult decision for her mother to send her to school, it was her duty to drop her and pick her from there on public transport. Still she leaves and picks her every day from my home. Noor can write stories. she is very kind to my students, she is a volunteer teacher at my school, in her presence I do not have to be worried, because she can manage everything, she has guts , she never rebuke any of my students. She teaches them with a lot of love and care, she has so many dreams in her life; she is very sensitive and has got a positive thinking. After exams she is planning to write blogs on women’s rights, she has so many personal experiences to tell the world that happens to her family’s women. Her father has dead, she has been collecting her fee to get admission in the University as a private candidate since two years, but last month her brother got injured in an accident, so she had to spend all her money to buy his medicine. I promised to pay her fee, but now I saw that, she is not registered in the University and we will have to pay for her registration too. This is a hard day for me, I am sitting in my office, and her face is in front of my eyes, She is so much upset now a days for her exams, Because she thinks of it all the time so, she sees her exams in her dreams too, I do not have money to pay her fee and to get her registration, for all of this process I need approximately $80 but truth is this that, I do not have single penny in my pocket this time; the last day of her admission is 7-11-2013. If I will be fail I have no idea, how I will face her, She will have to leave her education, all her dreams will be over, I am just speechless and helpless this time. My students are my children, and I feel a same pain for them as a mother feel for her children. But sometimes I can do nothing for them.


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