I am Amna

Posted to Sister Zeph’s Journal

By Sister Zeph

On 05 June, 2014

(Written by my Student Amna)

I am Amna, I am a student of 8th standard at Zephaniah Free Education, we are three brothers and four sisters, and I am a youngest one so everyone in my home loves me. I was an average student before coming here; education was just like a burden for me. In my family girls are not allowed to do a job so they do not take interest in getting education because for my family education is just a source to get a job. My father is a laborer, and my mother is a simple lady, who loves us so much and we love her, but my father is very strict, when he comes home we cannot watch T V, we cannot listen music, we have to cover our heads and we sit on one side of home or we try to show that we are busy in doing house hold, my brothers are same like him, I was used to remain silent because my mother says girls should be like goats , they should remain silent , talkative girls are not being liked by our society because people think that they are over clever. Good girls do not argue but just follow. But one day I heard from my friend who was already a student at Zephaniah free Education, I did not want to come here because it is being run by a Christian lady, there are many people who told me that this place is not secure, she will try to preach us her religion, and she will send the girl out of country in human trafficking, because nobody do anything for free in my society, so it is not acceptable for the people to believe at ZFE. But my friends convinced me and I thought that I will leave after a few days but joined for my friend. It has been three years that I am a student here , we offer here our prayers, I have never seen any kind of discriminating here on the bases of religion, we are like a family , It is written on the poster which is placed in our center ,( That nobody will say such words ,which will hurt any one’s feelings) I am being told a lot of things which I never heard of, before. This is like a new world. I was told that education is not only to get a job , but gives us awareness of our rights, it makes us thinkers , it gives us courage , it give us freedom and it makes us wise enough to differentiate between right and wrong . And that, girls are not goats, but human beings like men, and they should shout aloud for their rights At ZFE there is a beauty Salon training Center. Where girls learn to do make over, hair styling and hand painting so from here I have learnt too the hand painting, and by doing this I have won a calculator, It was expected for me and for my teachers and family that I will win this, this is a most precious gift of my life, I will always keep it with me. It will always remind me of love, and equality being given to me and to other students at Zephaniah Free Education


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