I have taken my Revenge

Posted to Sister Zeph’s Journal

By Sister Zeph

On 13 October, 2014

In 2013 when five years old Qasim was going to his home from the Zephaniah Free Education, A man on his way tried to abuse him, luckily my father saw this and saved the child, but as a result the man became our enemy, he brought his sisters from our center who were learning skill there, and his family started doing a propaganda against us. And one day they attacked at my home, we had to call the police for our protection, they humiliated my parents, although I never get angry but I could not bear this humiliation of my parents, so I thought to take a revenge from them, I was planning to do the same with them, it has been now one and half year and still I could not find a way to take my revenge. I wanted to give them a lesson that they have done a very bad thing, and they do not have a right to do it to any child or to any one, I wanted to make them feel that they do not have a right to humiliate anybody in the world and that it is not allowed by the ethics, law and by any religion. I wanted to give them a lesson which they will never forget; my anger was increasing with every passing day. And last month that time came when I got a chance to take my revenge. Their elder daughter who has two sons and a daughter, she has been struggling so much before getting married, they made their home with mud with their own hands, she worked day and night as a maid in many houses, then she got married to a man who never did any work and never allowed her to do work, mean while she produced three children, who did not have a home, no food, no cloths and not a chance to get education. Her husband had been beating her , he had been insulting her and then one month before she decided to take a very tough decision, she decided to leave him, and came back to her parents s’ home with her kids. And I would not find a better chance than this to give them a lesson. Last week when I went to Market to buy new shoes for two of our students, I went to a book shop, and bought books for three children, I called a student of mine whose family has good relations with my enemy family. And convinced her to teach that lady’s children and that do not tell them that I am paying for their studies or they will refuse to get education. Now it has been one week that those children are studying and I am taking my revenge from them, because when they will be educated they will tell their elders that how wrong they did to Sister Zeph’s family and to the Qasim and their next generation will never attempt to do this, because they will have an understanding that what is right and what is wrong. And they do not know it is me who is changing their point of view and their thinking.


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