I will Make this World a better Place

Posted to Sister Zeph’s Journal

By Sister Zeph

On 13 October, 2014

Today when I was coming to my office I saw an old lady who was sitting beside me on the vehicle, when vehicle starting going on the road, she got afraid like a little girl, she held my hand tightly and asked me where are you going? I told her my destination, I saw her old hands full of wrinkles were trembling, Because her body was enough old that it was not able to bear the weight of her own hands, Her stop was before mine so she started looking at green fields with a satisfaction on her face, that she was not alone, I looked at her face and into her eyes; she was surprised like a child by looking here and there, as she has never seen such things before. I asked her, has she seen that place first time in her life? She replied gently (No I have been living here but I am trying to figure out that this is a big city but there is no place here for me to live in) She left her home because there was not enough space at her son’s home for her now. She went to a relative’s home. I was speechless on this answer because I was not able to do anything for her it was good for her to live with other relatives there was no other option, I do not know any old home in my city. Rest of the way I was looking at her trembling hands and I was thinking one day I will also become weak and old like her , but before that I will have to make our world this much comfortable where when my body will not be able to bear my weight my society will hold me in its hands and will not let me down, where I will feel myself a part of this world and it will not be strange for me, where I and many other old people will be needed and will not be sent out as a useless thing or a person.


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