Introducing myself and my journal: World Wide Women

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By Sister Zeph

On 14 March, 2013

About Me: I am an admin of the world wide Working with an amazing team to bring awarness for women ,I believe all men and women have an equal right live, to grow, to desire for a better life. I believe women can do any thing just they need to believe in them selves and no one should stop them to live their own life. I have a free school in Pakistan as well and have an own page on face book name:zephaniah free education. since the age of 13 I am teaching girls and women in Pakistan as volunteer and will keep doing it at any cost. I am 29 years old now doing it all in open air. world wide women team has given me an opportunity to express my feeling for women. I want learn more to write blogs and to get news in a prefassional way. I want to do some thing good for the women of my culture who are living like a slave of the men here . without making women free , and educated we cannot make this world perfect .

My Passions: To educate women at any cost

My Challenges: Discrimination for women

My Vision for the Future: Equal rights for men and women in the whole world

My Areas of Expertise: Journalism. blog writing, research.


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