Is early marriage a Burden remover ?

Posted May 18, 2016 from Pakistan
My Name is Nazia and I belong to Gujranwala Pakistan and I am a student at Zephaniah Free Edcuation. The place where I live, people have lack of knowledge; they are illiterate so they are selfish and egoistic. They are ok to kill their daughters for their pride. They find it quite logical to sale their daughter to save their son’s life, because they take their daughters as a burden and their sons as a gift from God. I want to write on a big issue of our society and that is “Early Age Marriage and its after effects on a girl’s life and her future.”

My purpose of writing this story is to highlight this issue. I want people to talk about this, to show concern about this and to do some practical efforts to stop this inhuman act.

I am going to write a real story. It’s a story of one of my friends. She was my class fellow till 8th standard. They are 6 siblings and she is the elder one. Her father is a laborer and her mother works as the servant at rich people’s houses. They are so poor that once her brother got ill and their parents could not afford the medical expense. They took loan from a rich person for boy’s treatment.

At the time of need, they took money for their son but afterwards, they could not manage to return back and the person who gave the money, started teasing them for the payment. When he became sure that they would never be able to manage the amount of loan, he asked them to marry their daughter with him. At that time, the girl was 14 years old. And her parents accepted the proposal of that man because they find it quite good for themselves as they won’t have to pay the loan and further burden of a daughter’s wedding can be removed without dowry, so all was in their favor according to them. They didn’t think once about her future with a 45 years old man. They didn’t care about how she will manage her home as she do not know how to cook, how to sew, how to clean the home and moreover how to please her husband. She was just a child who keeps herself busy only with books and her friends.

After marriage, that man teased her in every way. He taunts her that your parents sold you and they don’t need you, you were useless for them. And when he becomes angry with her, he started beating her. But the girl kept hiding her sorrow from her family so they may not get worried for her life. She tried her best to stay happy and make her husband happy. She never complained to her parents for treating her life in such an insulting way rather she kept telling them that everything is going good. She did this sacrifice so that her family may stay in calm.

Her husband started beating her on little things like if she has not iron his clothes sometime or she didn’t cook good food. With the passage of time, it became his favorite hobby to beat her because he found his ego so satisfied when she would cry but kept being at his home; doing all the things he wants. He found himself more man by doing this.

Then she got pregnant but her life didn’t get easier with this rather it became more difficult as she had to do all the work with carrying her pregnancy. She was so weak because since childhood, she had not eaten healthy diet and even at her husband’s home, she was living like a slave.

One day, she was having so much pain and she could not manage to clean house. When her husband came at home, he started beating her so hard and she fell down on earth. She had miscarriage and lost her child.

When her mother came to know about it she took her to doctor There she had a detailed checkup and doctor gave another bad news, she told that girl’s internal physical condition has become so weak because of early marriage and pregnancy so she would never be able to give a birth to a child ever in life again.

When her husband came to know about this, he started hating her as she will never be able to give him a child. He started drugs and having affair with other women. One day, his wife requested him to leave such bad habits; he became angry and divorced her. She came back to her mother’s home with her empty life.

Now she can’t get married again because no one will accept a woman who can’t become a mother ever; she has lost her self confidence. She does not want to study or learn any skill anymore because she says that she has no purpose of her life.

By telling this story, I want to ask to all parents, who do such things with their daughters, just to remove their burden, was the burden of her parents removed by doing this?

I want to request them to educate their girls so they know what is mean by respect. They must educate their boys too so they don’t do this disgusting behavior to anyone’s daughter. And God forbidden if life gives tough time to their children, education can help them to stay independent.

Dear Parents! Please understand, education will be beneficial to your child at every stage of life. It will save them from cruelness of this world. Rather early age marriages without providing any strength to your daughter will ruin her life, her wishes and most of all her respect.

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