Is this a valid Question, that what is a role of girls in a Country‘s progress?

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By Sister Zeph

On 17 September, 2013

Zainab Tairq Student of 8th Standard, Zephaniah Free Education.

This Question makes me surprised That, what is the role of girls in a country‘s progress. Is this a valid question in 21 Century? Girls are becoming a prime minister of their country, like our Be Nazir Bhutto. Girls are pilots, girls are becoming fighter pilots; they are teachers and are making new generations educated, and preparing them to meet challenges of today’s world. The girls can be foreign Minister of the Country and at the same time they are interior Minister of their homes too. She is a wife, mother, and daughter and along with all these responsibilities they are career women too. A girl is Arfa Kareem too, who makes a soft ware only at the age of eight that no man could do in our country in last 65 years. Malala Yousfa Zai also is a girl , who gave a new recognition to the her country in the world and proved that there are peaceful and education seekers in our country, who are not afraid to die for peace and education . Asma Jahangir is also a woman who has been fighting the right of poor, helpless and miserable throughout her life and still doing the same and is never scared of any criminal no matter powerful he is. And our sister Zeph is also a woman who started teaching girls as a volunteer at the age of 13 in open air, who has taught five hundred girls till now, World is still unaware of her struggle, but she is keep going towards her mission to teach and empower women of our world. Are all these examples not enough, to prove that women have Wisdom, God has given them Brain to think, to make decisions and they are complete human beings? Then why women are being ill treated in our society? Why only 47% girls can go to school in Pakistan and ratio in boys is 70%, why girls are not being given chance to show their abilities? If education is bad then men should also avoid it, if it is good then why women have been deprived of this good thing? Girls are taught only to clean home, to cook food and to obey the family members, and they are not being given a change to get education, because she will get married, so does not required education Ok fine, if I accept that girls are to get married only and they do not have any other objective of life, but after all they will get married to a man , and both of them will spend a life together as a couple . then is not it necessary for them to have equal level of thinking , same approach to understand each other , or it is good if they will spend their lives to make each other understand that how they want to live a life ? Do you think in this case they can live a better life? How can we do progress by sacrificing our girls on our useless customs and rules, who are 50% of our total population. If we can then why we are still standing after 65 years of our freedom at the same level, from where we started our journey and if we cannot then this is a time to give equal opportunities to our all girls and boys in Pakistan to get education and to explore their idea. Zainab Tariq Student 8th Standard Zephaniah free Education


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