It is possible to end Terrorism

Posted November 18, 2015 from Pakistan
I live in a Muslim Country 99% of the population is of course Muslim, my forefathers belong to this land, I was born from this soil and I will be buried in this soil. I am working to educate girls since years. I am a witness of behaviors of the people in my surroundings and I know they are very intelligent, I know they are hardworking and love to take challenges, they dream and find ways to make their dreams come true, they do charity and help each other, all parents want their children to earn a good reputation in the society, if they were all terrorist I was not supposed to be alive until today.

When they say girls should not go outside, when they say only a girl’s actions can save a family‘s respect and when she cannot fulfill society’s requirement as a girl she has to be killed or she has to be punished. (Which is of course wrong and must come to an end I fighting to end it since 17 years) Why? Because this is what they are being taught, because they are not being taught to accept change, they are not being taught to ask a question, in schools a student cannot ask a question, they are just followers, they have to follow what society says, if they will ask a question they will be considered rebels who does not have a respect or will be boycotted by the society.

Most of them live a life for just show off, they do not live for themselves they live for others, how to eat, what to wear, how to speak, who to get married all the rules are set since thousands of years and they are just following them

There are a few ladies who very kindly are teaching our students at Zeph Education from Western Countries and we know, in knowledge we are hundreds of years behind them , I just watched a Video about Paris in which a man was telling his little son that flowers and candles are to safe us and little boy trusted it.

But here our little children are being taught to play with guns, they feel powerful when keep gun toys in hands; I know many women and men who teach their children to beat other children more and more when they make fun of them. So when they become young they do not feel shy to beat their wives, children or fight with anyone else, they think only might is right so they use power to overcome all the opposition, they do not have knowledge so they do not have logic to do anything , they just do it because this is how it is.

Actually there is no body to use their energies in a positive way. West has all the knowledge with them, they have all the beauties of life with them , their children play with butter flies, they bring flowers to their love once when they get injured by someone, but children in developing countries are being taught to take a revenge.

When we will plant hate in them they will produce hate. When we will plant love in them they will produce love.

Terrorism is about mind sets, this is not about any religion, if we will hate people on the bases of religions nothing will be left in the world but only hate because each person on this earth belongs to a religion, Religions teach love, care and tolerance but their ways of teachings are different, bad people will understand things in a wrong way and good people will learn in a right way, so the terrorism is about the people, the way they think, the way they perceive things.

Because of digital technology our world has become a global village, then in this village why our living standards are different? we are all loyal to our own countries, in the Syllabus of all countries there are many things against other countries so students learn to hate since childhood, they learn that because other country has been fighting with our country so we must hate its people, no matter how good they are, no matter how kind they are, no matter if they were against the wars, no matter if they are peace makers

If we really are living in a global village then we have to remove all the hateful words from all the syllabus of our world, we will have to make sure to give a purpose to every person on this earth, we will have to make sure to let them recognized their abilities, we will have to let goodness overcome their minds, we will have to introduce a same method of teaching all over the world, all the Governments can sit together and can make it possible.

For how long we will keep killing each other and will justify that because they were killing our people so we killed their people, killing can never be justified in any way.

I am a Christian myself and I am proud to be a Christian, I am not against any one, but I have a question, can we deny that once in Christian countries there were many bad things? They fought, they killed, they had battles, there were no rights for women, there was child labor and slavery but then they became civilized

If they can become civilized then all the people of this world can be, but we have to put some extra efforts in it, our think tanks should not sit and discuss how to kill terrorists, but they should sit and think that how to make all the new generations civilized so that there will never be terrorism again .if you will fight and will kill, in that killing you will kill innocent people too because a gun or a bomb cannot recognize, who is innocent and who is not, so if innocent will be killed their children will become terrorist because they are still being taught to take a revenge.

If only a very small number of terrorist can spread terror on such a big scale, remember we who want peace are millions times more than them .

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