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Posted May 15, 2016 from Pakistan
My name is Saba. I belong to Sialkot. I am doing beautician course from Zephaniah Free Education and Empowerment Center.

In our society, Women are facing many problems which they can’t share to anyone because of fear and her life just got stuck between those problems. I’m writing this blog to highlight some of those problems and I will also try to provide solution for those problems.

The problems of a girl’s life take birth with her when she came into this world because from that moment, everybody will try to be her owner. Everyone will instruct her to cover her head all the time, not to talk with boys, not to go outside alone and above all not to get education. Even they make her feel that she can’t take a single breathe with her own will.

And you know when the real problem starts; it’s when the girl turns into 14 or 15. Her family and relatives force her to marry an old and uneducated man who will treat her like his property, the one who has a mindset from his childhood that he is a man and that’s enough quality to rule a woman whoever she is, his wife, his sister or his daughter. His wife has most miserable life because he rules her and treats her like a cow or some other animal. She is not allowed to eat before her husband, she must eat what he leaves and further if her husband has eaten from outside, she has to stay hungry till his next meal at home. Injustice doesn’t end here, rather it furthers because if her husband is in good mood. She can take a calm breathe, otherwise he will beat her. There is dowry issue too, it is believed that he can beat her whenever it comes in his mind that she has not bring anything in dowry or wedding gifts. And if she replies him for her rights, he will divorce her at that moment and will not think once about her future or anything else.

And you know what the status of divorced women in our society is; she has no life, no future. Even women become enemy of that woman. She can’t wear clothes of her choice, can’t go out with her own will. She is not allowed to talk to any man because people will think that she is having affair with him and that’s she has been divorced.

There is another bad habit in many men that they can’t stay faithful to one woman. And for their physical satisfaction, they keep changing women and if first wife doesn’t allow for second marriage, there is one and only solution and that is divorce.

Actually If I keep writing on issues of women, there would be no end but for now I just want to provide solution of the problems I have mentioned above.

1: We have to leave this backward way of thinking and should think in broad way. We have to provide education to our girls and boys too, so both may know each other’s rights and obligations. We should give right to our children to express about their choices; they must have right to choose their careers, their clothes, their friends and moreover their life partners. In this way, they must have a happy and prosperous life ahead.

We have a perfect example of a girl and she is Sister Zeph. She is a true inspiration for many people. She had all the problems from her childhood which a normal girl face in our society but she and her family believed in herself. She started a small center for girls, she continued her studies and with that she kept doing her job. Now her center have become world known organization where girls can get education, can learn many skills including sewing, beautician course, painting, boxing, self defense and above all, they learn how to stay strong against all odds, how to reject the people who don’t believe in their talent, how to choose their life priorities, how to protect themselves and face the world with full confidence. I really love my teacher, my guide, my mentor, my leader Sister Zeph. I pray for her health because she is literally breaking her back to make us strong.

At the end, I want to say that our government should encourage such women who want to make this world a better place to live. Government should provide funds to run such NGOs in a better way.

I know I can’t do a lot to help sister Zeph but this blog is a little effort to highlight the problems, to provide their solution and to appreciate her efforts.

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