Making Peace Through Sharing the Blessings

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By Sister Zeph

On 20 September, 2015

Rhea is our little student, I love her smile, she is very innocent and we can see this at her face, she is a very beautiful soul, she has been coming to our academy without a school bag, with broken shoes and old cloths, which her mom was given by the lady in whose house she works as a dishwasher.

Rhea’s problems are same like many girls in my culture, they are seven sisters and her parents want to have another son , because they have one son before, they live in a small room made of mud and wood, they have no electricity and clean water at home, her father has given himself for Rs: 100,000 which he borrowed for his younger brother’s wedding ceremony, so now he has to work day and night since years and the landlord  gives him and his family food twice a day, this is his earning, for taking care of so many cows, buffaloes and land of the landlord

Last week we bought many school bags, shoes  and stationary for our little students, she was one of them, and when I gave her all these things ,I could read on her face and eyes that she was feeling like she has been given all the world in her hands.

There is no concept in her life of eating fruits or a cold drink or to have new clothes and toys on Christmas but still she is very polite and thankful

By looking at her I was thinking, how easy it is to make our world a better place, there are more people who have less needs as compare to less people of our world, they need only food, some cloths, a few books and new shoes, and a small house which they can make their home. it is very easy to make them feel happier and thankful.

Most of our people keep running for their own needs, they need better home , they need better life style, they keep their kitchens with plenty of food, they go to shopping every weekend, they go on world tour, they get all kind of luxury for themselves, but as much they get all these things, that much faster they have to run to maintain all that, but still they cannot smile from their hearts, they cannot feel the purity of happiness on the face of a child whose life is full of difficulties , who when takes a birth her parents cry with sorrow and say why she took birth in our home if she is a girl we gave her birth with a hope that may be this will be boy.

This is very easy to make peace in the world and the way is to share our blessings with each other, peace starts with a smile and it ends with an anger, we have  to start loving , respecting and sharing with each other without any discrimination, this is an only way to make peace.

And the smile of this little girl at Zeph Education is its proof that by sharing our blessings we can make everyone happy but until people will keep running after their own needs, hate and war will never end but when we will learn to do efforts for the happiness of other people in our surroundings we will get real peace of mind and soul, this will be a time when we will not have to wait to go to the heaven after death but our world will become a heaven itself.

We will not have to ask big powers to stop making weapons, if we make people who will not like to use weapons. We will not have to do big discussion on finding a way to stop the wars, if we make mind sets which will know only to do love, but for this we will have to take a start from our own end, before we tell the whole world to be changed each and every person has to be changed himself/ herself.

Everybody care for those who care for them, we have to learn to care for those who do not care for us.

At Zeph Education we are planting only love through education and through sharing our blessings with our students, so we are preparing to give a big gift of peace to the world


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