Malee Kenworthy is the development director of Zephaniah Free Education. She has been working with the school for almost 4 years (in March of 2019). She met Sister Zeph when she was following Malala Yousafzai on Facebook. Since Malee Kenworthy and Sister Zeph have been working together much has been accomplished.

Malee has always been interested in human rights and more specifically women’s rights in underdeveloped countries. She didn’t know how she could help until she met Sister Zeph on Facebook one day. She started out teaching the girls art over Skype and exactly one year later Malee flew to Pakistan. It would be only two more years when there would be a second trip. It was by the second trip in February 2018 that there would be expansion beyond Sister Zeph’s skill center (what it is now). The primary and secondary school are all in one building now being taken on rent in one village. Before Malee flew there in 2016 there was not even a proper bathroom or a roof. It was through ongoing fundraising efforts that there is finally a roof on the skills center and a proper bathroom.

Malee has started her own US based non profit called Support Education Worldwide as well as visited Zephaniah Free Education in Pakistan twice, once in April of 2016 and recently in February 2018. The first time she visited she flew in just a few days after a suicide bomber killed himself and 70+ women and children as well as injuring 300+ at a park in Lahore. Despite threats, unforeseen obstacles and huge political as well as geo divides Malee and Sister Zeph have accomplished more together than either of them could have ever dreamed.

Footage from my first trip to Pakistan in April 2016

Check out my first trip to Pakistan here

I divided each page from my trip into 8 to 10 sections. The first trip took up two pages and the second trip took up three pages. This is because the second time I went to Pakistan I had a more clear idea of what I wanted to do with Sister Zeph, the children, school and sightseeing. The first trip was in April of 2016 and I am happy to share my experiences in Pakistan with you so that maybe it will shed more light on the country and people there.

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Footage from my Second trip to Pakistan in February 2018

Check out my Second trip to Pakistan here

Here is footage from my second trip to Pakistan in February 2018. There is so much that Sister Zeph and I accomplished together during the second trip that I had to devote three pages divided into 8 to 10 sections for it. Enjoy! : )

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Meerab, we all love you !

Malee Kenworthy

Malee Kenworthy

Development Director & Founder/ President of S.E.W.

I am the development director of Zephaniah as well as the founder and president of Support Education Worldwide. I have been working alongside Sister Zeph for almost four years now and because of our work together I have started my own US based 501 (C)(3) charitable organization. If you have any questions, wish to collaborate or want to talk to me about something else; please feel free to reach out on any available contact form and I will get back to you!