Pakistan 2016 Part 2

My first trip to pakistan part II

“This is actually where I started off during my first trip to Pakistan; The Pearl Continental in Lahore. I had to stay in a nice hotel sometimes for my own safety and I flew into Lahore just 3 days after the Easter Park bombing (March 2016). Despite any obstacle and fears I had a successful trip and came back again : )

“Sister Zeph and the women at the center made clothes for me for my trip. We took pictures in Pearl Continental because it was a beautiful hotel and I fell in love with the clothes and aesthetics of Pakistani culture” 

“Later the first night I was in Lahore I explored the city with Sister Zeph and tried some street food (against recommendations, but when in Rome…)

sister zeph discusses an issue

While we were visiting a mall in Lahore Sister Zeph chooses that moment to talk about a serious problem in her country that is happening right in front of our eyes

pakistani bride

“While visiting the center the girls dressed me up and did my makeup as a bride. It was a time I will never forget in my life.”

“Although it was fun to dress up as a traditional South Asian bride, the makeup, adornments and dress where quite uncomfortable”

punjabi style

“Towards the end of my trip the women at the center made this special traditional Punjabi outfit for me and dressed me up. It was so much fun and they had fun as well.”

Visiting Murree

“While on our way to Murree I got to see the Chenab River which is one of five major rivers in the Punjab Province”

Beautiful scenery on the way up to Murree

“We stayed two nights in Murree and during that time we got to go to a cultural festival and at night we checked out the famous “Mall Road” where there is a famous Bazzar. I made sure to buy many things while I was there because I knew that this was as special moment and didn’t know if I would ever come back again.”

“Below is Sister Zeph and I at the cultural festival that happened while we where in Murree”

Exploring Islamabad

“On our way back to Gujranwala from Murree we got to explore Islamabad.”

“While stopping at a park in Islamabad called “Lakeview Park” I took that chance to do some horse back riding, explore the park and go on a boat ride with Sister Zeph. I was shocked to hear that she had never been on a boat ride.”

Goodbye I love you

“During my trip I became somewhat attached to the girls and children. I couldn’t help it. I was difficult leaving them and I had to leave them a few days early due to security threats. We all cried…”

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