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Posted January 31, 2016 from Pakistan
My dream is to share my story with the women of whole world, because when I started teaching girls, I was a teen age girl, I was poor, I did not have schooling, I did not have money to meet the expenses, I did not have any source, I did not have a moral support from anyone I kept working day and night I educated myself and kept sharing my education with women of my surrounding, Now my work is internationally recognized and although I was attacked by gun men twice but still I never stopped so I want all those women to know who are scared to take an action for their dream that we women are not weak, we are complete human beings, we are all unique and we all have a purpose to be in this world , we have to know that purpose and we have to do struggle for our dreams and to start our journey we need only the passion the story of my life proves it

My dream for the women of my community is to get them education and skills, I want them all to be healthy and to know their worth, I want them to learn to value themselves, I want to end their suffering being women. I want them to be recognized as human beings not as a property of men and being things; I want them to have their own recognition as individuals

I have a skill of speaking and writing I have a pain in my heart of all those women with whom I work every day, with whom I live as a part of the community and I am a witness of their suffering, world knows about our problems that there is child marriage, mental and physical violence and they are not being given a right of education.

But world does not know hundreds of things which are happening with them inside the homes, still there is so much which we must share with the world so that a change can be made and I have a skill to share all that because I am afraid of nothing but only of suffering of women which must come to an end.

I have a skill to speak courageously because I know if I will speak I can save lives of many women and if I will keep silent they will remain in that condition, I know miracles happen through us and I want to become a miracle women.

My life starts from my students and ends with them, so I am inspired by our center the most, this is a place which is a different world , all my team and I teach girls, we teach them different skills, through internet we get knowledge about the world, we share about our dreams, we laugh without any fear, we sing and do poetry, we dance together to celebrate our sisterhood, we discuss on our problem as a community , we make new hair styles and do make over , we learn self-defense techniques and feel happy to know that we can protect ourselves.

We find solutions of our problems together, and this is a place where not only I but all the students feel safe the most and happy the most this is our heaven on earth where all the students and teachers are equal human beings, where there is no concept of discrimination on religion, skin color, cast, status or anything, where we teach love, through love for love.

I started doing my community work by taking advice from my heart, then my parents and my sisters joined me and now I have a few very kind, gentle and caring friends on face book who never leave me alone whenever I need support and advice, Like my friend Malee kenworthy from USA who is working so hard to give a good future to our students, my friend Lea Nomada from USA, my friend Elisha Jansen, I go to them because they are very honest, they love my work and they understand me.

Internet is my biggest resource to address my issues, on social media I have a big network of friends and supporters and whenever I have a problem I share with them through a video clip and a blog or a small piece of writing and they help me through their comments or through a private message, Internet is a biggest miracle of human history if we really know how to use this resource we can change the world for sure, in 2009 before joining internet I was working on three projects , education, stitching and beauty salon training center, but now I am working on fourteen projects and this revolution has begun because of the internet

On local level my students are my power they go to their homes and share whatever I teach them, sometimes when something is important and I want more people to know about it I ask each student to tell to five or ten people and then get me its feedback.

Like if we want mothers to know about the importance of clean water I will teach the students, will explain them everything about it and then will ask them to explain it to at least ten mothers in their surroundings and tell me what was the feedback and then according to feed back we collect data that how effective it was and what else can be done to spread better information about it

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