Nothing can Stop us from Getting and Promoting Education

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By Sister Zeph

On 17 July, 2015

This is almost midnight everybody in my family is sleeping, I also went to bed but could not sleep because I do not know  why but I am thinking of a night , it was 24th December 2004, almost midnight, my sister who was pregnant, her two years old daughter and her husband were at our home, all family was together, we were very happy it was a most beautiful Christmas of our lives, my sister bought a 32 inches screen Television for my father, who loves to watch cricket match so she wanted him to watch on a big screen to have more fun, my mother decorated the house so beautifully , my uncles and their families, were invited, they just left , and we were just going beds to sleep, we wanted to get up early to attend Christmas service in the church, we all had so pretty cloths of bright colors, we were discussing about what to cook on Christmas day and how to make that most remember able.

Then suddenly we felt some one was firing bullets at our roof, it is common to do such firing in our area on celebration( Now it is illegal) so we thought it was for that reason ,but then we saw a man running with a gun on our roof, we immediately started running inside, everybody wanted to keep safe my pregnant sister and her daughter, we locked our all doors in seconds, we put off all lights, then our child started crying my mother put her hands on her mouth to stop the noise , I saw into her eyes and felt like she was dying, but I could  not ask my mom to let her breath because she was doing it to save her life.

They were firing a lot of bullets on the roof, there was complete silence in the village, we thought they will come inside any time, my sisters were praying for the safety, and I was crying because it was happening because of me, I did not want to lose my family, but death was on our doors, they would break the doors any time and could come inside and could kill us all.

We did not know anything about internet, we did not have a phone and even if we had a phone we did not know what to do, we did not have a gun to fire back to let them know that we can defend ourselves

Then a miracle happened luckily our brother-in-law had a mobile phone, he called to the police station, which was situated about 2KM far from my house, police was there in a few minutes so the gun men had to run, we do not know who were those men.

Police came and kept sitting in our home all night , then in the morning they said’’ we cannot not leave you here so get ready we will go with you and will drop you out of the city  it is not safe for you to stay here ‘’

So we fours sister, brother-in-law and little girl left for  Rawalpindi for some time, my parents did not leave , I did a job there , I was use to send money to my friend who I thought was use to spend on our students to teach them, but then again I came back , I could not stay their without my students .every moment there was something in my mind that those girls are my responsibility because I gave them dreams and promised to help, if I would think of my life’s safety their lives would be ruined without education , so I decided to save their lives from illiteracy and came back.

But when I came back there was no student, all were gone, then again I started visiting their homes, they were also scared, nobody wanted to come back, but I never stopped, my mother kept visiting to their homes with me. So we took a new start.

now we have 200 students in the center, who are not only getting education but are learning skills and self defense techniques through 15 different projects and we are dreaming to do even more

This time I am sitting in my room and thinking of that day, when I could lose my all family, when my mother, my father and even my two years old niece could die, thank God they are with me, I did nothing wrong I was just trying to teach the girls.

But even after that my parents never asked me to stop, If my family would have stopped me to teach girls I would die as a single person, but now I am afraid of nothing because now I am not a single person I am a thought which lives in hundreds of minds who are the minds of my students, who love to teach and to read and write and this is what I am ‘’ Learn and Teach ’’




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