One day a Girl will Became a Mother

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By Sister Zeph

On 05 May, 2014

( Written by my Student Iqra Dawood Aroop Gujranwala Punjab Pakistan)

That was a warmer day than usual days. I was feeling so much thirsty. I was walking bear footed in a very high temperature on the roads. I was knocking doors of the people who were sleeping in their air conditioned rooms. There was no one to take care of my children except me. Poverty and helplessness and the hunger of my children forced me to beg. Their bellies got shrink with hunger. Their life less faces and empty eyes, were so much painful for me. So although I did not want to do it, but there was no choice, so I decided to do it for my kids, I decided to beg for them. This was very shameful for me. I was neither educated nor skilled; I could not find any work to do. By walking bear footed on the warm land my feet got injured and those were bleeding. But I did not stop. Meanwhile I reached to grand bungalow; I knocked at the very expensive door of this house. I wanted to ask for help. But before I could say anything, I heard these words ‘’ Oh these poor people do not let us sleep, they are just a burden on the earth’’ I could not say that my children at home were hungry and please give me something to eat for them. I just left from there, my feet were still bleeding, something broke in my heart, I felt my heart dying inside, there were so many voices in my ears and those were actually my thoughts that , what I will tell to my children now? What I will give them to eat? that how I will face them ?they were waiting for me at home, when they will not find anything in my hands their trust in me will be gone? Their heart will be broken like me, how I will see them crying of hunger? By thinking this I went to the platform and kept moving towards the train, which was coming from the opposite side. It took only one second I just heard the people crying behind me, and then all was over. I Thought by coming in the heaven all will be alright but it is not like this because I can see my children from here, they are still crying, they are all alone. They have no future, they have no way to go, and they have no dream and no career. I wish I was an educated and skilled woman, so that I could save my life and of my children. Every moment I think of those words of my parents, when they said she does not need to be skilled because she does not to do a job. But they did not guaranty my future and as a result so many lives were ruined of my children and of mine.


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