Only Hope is the Education

Posted to Sister Zeph’s Journal

By Sister Zeph

On 08 August, 2015

I am a student at Zeph education, we are two sisters, my mother was given divorce by my father when I was two and my sister was six months old, but my father got married again and when  his second wife also gave a birth to a daughter, she was also given a  divorce, she brought her child with her.

Then my father got married with another lady, who when met us first time she told us not to call her the mom.

One day when my younger sister came back from the school, my step mother gave her poisoned juice; she would have died if my grandparents were not there to bring her to the nearby hospital immediately.

But my father likes her so much because she has given a birth to a son, she also has two daughters, a few days back I made custard I thought my father will like it, but when it was yet hot he poured all the bawl of the custard at me my hands were burnt, it is still very painful, he is use to of beating us very bad.

I and my sister have never seen our mother, we have never met her, we do not know how she looks like, but we miss her a lot, there is nobody who can hug me like a mother and says I am your mom do not worry for anything, nobody can beat you, nobody can hurt you, but I know it is a dream which will never come true.  I wish I could find my mother, but I do not know anything about her and I do not have even one picture of hers.

Sometime I lose hope but then I look at my sister and I say to myself, she is very young, she is my responsibility and she must have to be happy and then for her I do not cry I just keep smiling for her.

We never do anything wrong with our step mother, we love her and we want her to love us even only 10% of the love which she has for her own children.

At home we live like strangers nobody talks to us; we remain silent all the time. I wish we were not born in the world. If my father did not want girls, it would be better to kill us at the time of our birth instead of giving us a life in which we die every day, in which we are being neglected every day.

If I was a boy I would do a job and could earn money to buy her whatever she would need, sometimes she wants to eat chocolate or mango but I cannot buy it for her, at that time I feel like I am stuck in a big jail from where I cannot run, I feel like somebody has held my breath and I am not getting oxygen to be alive any more, but my father thinks we do not need anything, he thinks are lifeless.

But I am not hopeless because I have done my matriculation, and sister Zeph has promised to me that soon I will get an admission in the college and after completing my education I will join the Army, and then nobody will beat us, nobody will humiliate us, I will send my sister to the university for higher education and I will never let her weep for anything.


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