Organizational Values


We are accountable to our beneficiaries, vulnerable children and young women. All of our systems and processes put this into action on a daily basis in order to secure and reinforce children’s and women’s rights as well as entitlements. This underpins our partnerships at every level of the organization.

Children & Women’s Protection

Children and young women’s protection is a non-negotiable central crux of all the work we do. We keep track of every child and young woman we help. We track her welfare as well as her well being along with all the children at our center.


We respect, protect and promote the dignity of our beneficiaries and their communities. We aim to address the debilitating effects of poverty and exclusion on an individual’s sense of self-worth and entitlement. Empowered communities can then hold governments to account. 


We recognize that young people and their communities are the experts on the barriers they face. This is why we actively support young women’s leadership and representation at every level of our organization. Their experience and expertise is vital to the development of sustainable solutions.


Our financial systems maintain the highest levels of transparency and accountability to all stakeholder groups to directly ensure that all beneficiaries receive their entitlements.


Only when all girls in Pakistan receive a quality and safe secondary education can we hope to meet the Sustainable Development Goals. We act with urgency to get this generation of girls into school, triggering widespread change through direct action, with demonstrable results.


We initiate innovative partnerships between communities, likeminded organizations and the private sector to maximize the resources available to tackle the challenges which young people face.


The returns of our long-term commitment to investing in communities are now evident in the Zephaniah network of educated young women. Once among the most excluded, they are professionals, social entrepreneurs and leaders, transforming prospects for the younger generation.


We rigorously assess our impact, measuring our success by tangible improvements to the lives of young people. We then share this data with communities, empowering them to take swift and targeted action.