Our Dreams

Posted to Sister Zeph’s Journal

By Sister Zeph

On 12 May, 2014

I was very proud when I got my Master’s degree in Political Science and one Master’s degree in the History, without any institution or a teacher, with self-studies, from grade 7th to the Masters Level. But now every moment I miss an institution , I miss to listen the lectures, I miss to write a theses on women’s issues, I want to go to a reputed University , I want to be a regular student, I miss the competition with other class fellows. And I want to get very good grades by learning more. This time my desire is to get admission in a reputed university , because I have so many volunteers who are working at Zephaniah Free Education, and I have paying teachers too, My sister is there to look after everything. So I think to take an admission in a University, but I have no money to pay the fee. So maybe there is University in the world, which can offer me studies without any kind of fee. And where I can make all my dreams come true, like my student are learning at Zephaniah Free Education and making their future. I wish I can do Masters in Gender and women studies. Oh our dream


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