Our Objective is to teach love, care and support to our students.

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By Sister Zeph

On 23 April, 2014

By Nazish Yaqoob.

We do not have enough space at our center, to let our students sit there for studies, yesterday when I reached in the center, some children were sitting in open air and sun was shining on them and it is summer here now, So I tried to make students feel that , they should take care of others and they should find out a way to arrange shelter for each student, because our objective is to teach love and care and support along with formal education, So one of my students whose name is Nazish Yaqoob she wrote it, After reading it, I felt that she is changing by her heart.

This World has changed; it is not the same as God had made it. Everyone in here is selfish, no body care of others. It must hurt him. Did God created us to hate each other? God created this world and said it is very beautiful. But we are making it ugly. It is very sad that we love to ourselves only. We love flattering. We use bad language for others. .we always try to let down others. And try to cheat them. We are killing others; will it make our God happy? Is it our wisdom to hate others, NO God did not make us for this. , Do we follow the rules, made by God for us? Do we celebrate the success of each other by heart? Not at all. There are more people who, if help someone, they help just for show off, and help to those only who will give them benefits, but not to those who are really in need . They do not love those who really deserve it, and who are alone, or sick or needy or helpless. But if we love, support and help each other, this world will become a heaven. When we help someone we feel proud for ourselves, I wonder still most of the people in our society do not do it Do we have unconditional love in our hearts? Do we deserve the blessings of the God? But God is still merciful for us. His sun still shines for every one Good or bad, His rain rains for every one good or bad. But we are very unfaithful. We do not admire his blessings. We are not afraid of the time when God will leave us because of our cruelty to our fellow human beings. We are made of soil. And one day we will have to be a part of soil again after our deaths, then why do not we do good things, we should spread love, and peace in our world. I believe love was the only reason to create our world.

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