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Children & young girls recieving 12 years of free education right now

We recently (As of November 1, 2018 officially) shifted to a new school building that better suited the needs of our growing primary and secondary school children that are getting 12 years of free education. The other two buildings that we were taking on rent were causing us problems because the people we were renting from were not allowing us to accomodate the buildings for the students. This new large building is from a trustworthy and honest landlord who is allowing us to take it on rent for 3 to 5 years until we can resources and funds to get a permanent place.

Despite any challenges that Sister Zeph or the school face the children and young girls go to school 6 days a week to receive their general education so that they may go to college and have a better life someday.

Pakistan practices load shedding where the electricity turns off every 2 hours for one hour. Despite this the students continue their work.

Before the school was painted and readied for the children Sister Zeph shows the building inside and out

Help us Hire more Qualified Teachers

Right now we have a total of 13 teachers that are teaching all 200 students. We have to replace 4 of them with teachers that have higher qualifications so that we will adhere to the standards of having a registered school in Pakistan as well as provide better education to the students because most of the teachers currently do not even have bachelors degrees.The 13 teachers that we have each get a monthly salary of $55 and almost none of them have a bachelors degree and are not providing the best education that is possible for our children. Sister Zeph has always been aware of this but until now she has not had the resources or financial backing to be able to achieve this. The new teachers will cost $150 per month for salary and we know that this will increase our monthly expenses by $380 but we believe that this is absolutely necessary. If you want to help us us achieve this goal please consider contributing a recurring monthly amount. Everything helps !

To Make you smile before you go : )

Sister Zeph sings the ABC’s with the little children :  )

This little girl fell down during school so the other children started coming up to her and wiping the tears off of her face. We couldn’t resist how cute they were so we took this sweet video. Enjoy : )

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