Our Student Ayesha is Going to join Pak Army

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By Sister Zeph

On 23 March, 2015

Those who have watched our documentary ’’ Flight of the Falcons’’ know Miss Ayesha very well; they are seven sisters and one brother, during last one year we had been struggling a lot to convince her father to allow her to get more education and to serve in the Pak Army or Police.

We prayed a lot, I myself visited her home many times, before every visit we had to think of lot, we had to make a ground for the  meeting every time, her mother was there as our lawyer , she was used to tell us about his mood and that when it was a good time to talk to him. She kept telling him about my successes in my life as a woman and that if women get education and do a job, it will not only secure their own future but it will be helpful for their families (it took me a few months to convince the mother first)

Even just a few months before when our documentary was being filmed he said very clearly that’’ We should not allow girls to go outside’’ and it made us hopeless but we did not give up, we gave extra time to Ayesha so that she would perform better in her final exams of matriculation, she struggled very hard, I tried to give her hopes, I showed her and to other girls  films about women’s struggles in their individual lives to make their dreams come true, I gave them books about such women to read so that they would feel more power in themselves.

I promised to her father that I will help Ayesha to get success and I promised that she will not break the rules and will not forget the values of her family and that her father will be proud of her.

I took a promise from Ayesha too that she will not let me down in front of her father because if she will break any rule of the society it will be difficult for me to convince the fathers and brothers of other girls to let them get education and to do a job, it can be very risky.

So yesterday a miracle happened when her father and mother came to my home, and her father said, sister Zeph please help her to get more education, and to find a job in the Pak Army.

I was speechless and I could say only thanks to the God and thanks to him.

Ayesha is very weak, her result of matriculation will be announced in August-2015 and we know she will get very good marks, so we have five months to give her body fitness, so that she can be selected in the Pak Army as a soldier.

her father is a labor man he has to feed ten persons every day and does not earn much so of course Ayesha cannot get healthy food, they can get food only to be alive, they cannot afford milk, fruits or meat to eat they eat very simple food so during these five months I will have to arrange a good diet for her body fitness


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