Pakistan 2018 Part 3

Malee's Second trip to Pakistan Part III

February 2018

“During my second trip we were able to buy much needed supplies for the children due to having your support! Thank you so much : )”

Change Makers of Pakistan

"Before the trip I found an organization in Pakistan called "Change Makers of Pakistan". They bring to light through mini documentaries the people in Pakistan that are working on a grassroots level to make positive change in the country. We all made friends and made an amazing mini documentary that you can see on our home page"

“They interviewed Sister Zeph and I as well as took footage of the girls in the skills center, the children coming into the school, me teaching self defense and more”

Visiting a church in gujranwala

"Sister Zeph and I went to her mothers village that she grew up in, which is primarily a Christian village. We visited her uncle and his family as well as the church that was built for the community"

St mary magdalene church in lahore

"One of the oldest churches in Lahore, built in 1856 by the British when Pakistan was still a part of India"

“Sister Zeph and I visited the Sunday school that was on campus of the church. We also went to a church service and spent time with the children and talked with the teachers there”

Evangelical Church Outside of lahore

"We visited a church outside of Lahore in a small village as honored guests and there we attended another church service and I gave a speech to the Pastor, his family and congregation"

“These adorable young girls gave a welcome show for me and Sister Zeph. I loved watching them because of how cute they are”

“After the service was over I talked with the people there, gave many hugs and said prayers with them. The pastor also has a small school that I visited after church service”

inspired women & the global sisterhood

"Right before my trip Inspired Women Paying it Forward worked with the Global Sisterhood to help get Sister Zeph and her school more funds so they could shift to a larger building for the growing student population"

“Learn more about Inspired Women Paying it Forward by clicking the link below”

“I did a video with the women at the center honoring the Global Sisterhood and all their efforts to help women globally”

“In April (2018), just 1 month after coming back I attended the Global Sisterhood Annual Gala in Pittsburgh and won the Global Sisterhood award for all the work I have done with Sister Zeph in Pakistan. I also gave a speech about the school and how a little bit goes a long way in regards to helping people”

Visiting hiran minar

Hiran Minar is an early 17th-century Mughal era complex located in Sheikhupura, in the Pakistani province of Punjab. The complex was built at the site of a game reserve in honour of Mughal Emperor Jahangir's pet antelope.

Saying goodbye to the children

"I admit, after this picture I cried so much. The children kept coming up to me and giving me what gifts they could and they all wanted me to autograph their notebooks. It was a very emotional time and I will cherish their gifts forever"

“I wanted to add this picture of me and this orphaned boy at the end. His mother left him because the home was too abusive for her. I wished with all my heart to adopt him but knew that I couldn’t so I tried to comfort him. I wanted to leave off with this because I don’t want people to forget about those that are voiceless and vulnerable. It is because of little children like him (and his mother) that we have to keep doing what we are doing and supporting grassroots leaders like Sister Zeph that are working as hard as they can in their countries to bring about positive change with little to no support. We all pray for world peace but are we really helping those that are helping others? Are we offering support where it is needed most? The wounds of this world and tragedies are staring us right in the eyes. You don’t need to look far to see tragedy because it is woven into the fabric of human history. Let us not forget the innocent and voiceless. This little boy and his generation will someday be the future on this planet and we can do better than this.”

Thank you for taking the time to read and see my story and journey so far. Because of the work that I have been doing with Sister Zeph I have started my own US based 501c3 called “Support Education Worldwide” in order to help provide her with more support and also to help more grassroots educational leaders in countries and communities where women and girls have historically been denied access to education. 

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