Pakistan is the most Polio effected Country in the World

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By Sister Zeph

On 28 March, 2015

  • Pakistan is a most Polio effected Country in the World

2014 shaped up to be the darkest year for the Pakistan polio programme, with the number of confirmed cases reaching 296 — the highest number of cases reported in the country since 1998. (  01, 2015 01:29PM)

A lot of polio workers have been killed during their effort to give polio drops to the children because some people in Pakistan think that it is actually harmful for their children to take these drops.

  • People have no knowledge so they are not use to of asking a Question.

I have heard even very educated people saying things like this, yesterday when I reached to an office I heard a group of men who were telling each other that if we will give these drops to our children they will not be able to produce children.

This was first time in my life when I shouted with anger at someone; I just could not control myself.

I stood among them and asked a few question. That who told them about this? Do they have any evidence of this claim ? Did they heard it from a Doctor, or a scientist that the polio vaccine is making Infertile their children? Or this is happening to any other country in the world or just in Pakistan? If it is in other courtiers too then when only in Pakistan there are so many cases of polio and not in other countries? And why they are not fighting against this initiative to give polio drops to their children?

Why it is with Pakistan only?

What extra ordinary power we have which World health Organization wants to take from us by doing this to our children? Why our Doctors, Politicians and social workers are silent on this and only those speak against this initiative who know nothing?

  • We need to be Wise and Wisdom comes from learning

They did not have answer of any of my question, they would not have because this is just a rumor and it has no base. They know they cannot proof it with a logic, so this is being spread only among the people who do not have enough knowledge to ask questions, why, how, who, when, where such question come into our minds when we have an ability to think about things and this comes when we read books, when we know about current affairs and major issues being discussed in our society.

Then I told to those men that your children our responsibility and when it comes to take a decision about them, be wise and wisdom come from knowledge.

  • Women should be aware of this life giving drop

I understand the importance of this issue of polio in Pakistan , so when I reached home I asked same questions to my students, who are mothers and some of them are going to get married soon , so it is essential for them to know about the worth of polio vaccine for the their children .

It is not easy to convince them to read books and now because we have some books in our library so I told them that if you will not read books you will not have enough knowledge to think on the things, which will be told to you by others, you will have no choice except trusting them blindly, so learn to ask question, learn to think before you believe any one, this is how you will be able to take right decisions in your life.

Then I told them that Polio vaccine is a life and it is basic right of every child in the world and if we will not give it to our children they will never forgive us.

Their eyes were shining with determination that their children will must take polio drops and that they will must read books so that they can take right decisions I told them that our children are our responsibility and to fulfill this responsibly we should have knowledge and knowledge comes from reading and learning, so learn to make a better future, so that our past and our future can be proud of us.


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