Poverty made her selfish and she lost the Trust

Posted to Sister Zeph’s Journal

By Sister Zeph

On 12 March, 2014

Last year I hired a teacher in our stitching center. She was a very poor girl and I wanted to help her, her father does not do anything. She is a very good Taylor , She loves her family a lot, So I hired her so that she could earn some money ,so she started teaching at my stitching center, I had been paying her Rs: 5000 a month , her duty was three hours a day. She has been taking beauty parlor’s training free of charge in my center; I was used to help her financially as much as I could. But in December 2013 when a dress designer brought some cloths for stitching in our center, deal was done, it was a business opportunity for our girls, who learn work here, but when I was on my duty, dress designer brought cloths for stitching, our teacher played a trick, she brought all the cloths to her home, and told me that lady did not come, I called that lady on phone and was told that she had delivered the cloths to the teacher of our stitching center. It was a cheating and it hurt me so much, I was shocked on it, my friends and my family wanted me to fire her, but I did not because it was a charismas month so I did not want her to lose the job. I did not ask her about the cloths because I thought if she will stitch all those cloths she will earn some extra money. So she will be able to celebrate her Christmas with more joy But in January -2014 I told her all, and she said give me one more chance, I again allowed her to work. Then one day in Feb-2014 I asked all her students to tell me what they like and what they dislike in the center, So that I could make changes accordingly. In my center 90% girls are Muslims and only 10% are Christians, I do not allow to talk on religion or politics there, But I came to know that she talked on these topics, which was not liked by the girls So I again called her and asked to never do it again, or I will terminate her, because a dialogue on religion can create many misunderstandings which is not safe. So she asked me to give one more chance to her, I thought she did not know much about the world so I allowed her again to work. Ten days before she was going to her village to her parents (she lives here with her Aunt) I knew she was a poor girl and was going to her parents so she needed some extra money, so I gave her one month’s advance salary. She took two leaves and promised to came back on third day, it was her right to get leave so I allowed, now it has been ten days, her Aunt visits my home daily , all is fine , nothing is wrong with her, but she is not coming back, my girls are suffering and getting annoyed because there is no teacher. But today I decided to hire a new teacher, there are many women who know stitching, so I requested to three ladies I went to their homes one by one. And I was very surprised that each lady knows that I am doing all that work free of charge from last fifteen years. There is no one who ever supported me with even single penny for my project in my area. And still no one want to help , all of those ladies asked me only one question that how much you will pay us for this ? Yes I will pay of course Our Coordinator Nazish who was with me said, they are all very selfish, their daughters are getting education and learning skills here from years for free, but still they are so greedy. I replied her no they are not greedy, but they are blind they have not seen the light yet, we have to give them a light of humanity, support , selflessness, and love for each other without any greed.


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