Self Defense for Women

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By Sister Zeph

On 17 January, 2015

From January to September 2014, 1,543 cases of kidnapping women and 1,256 cases of murder were reported, 1,149 women were raped and gang-raped, 708 women committed suicide and 604 women were killed in the name of ‘honor.’

These statistics show that four women kidnapped or abducted, 3 are murdered, 2 commit suicide, 3 are raped or gang raped and 2 are killed in the name of honor every day.

The statistics were shared by Aurat Foundation Director Advocacy Rabeea Hadi at public solidarity event titled ‘Apno Ki Yaad’ organized on Wednesday to commemorate International Human Rights Day. She said that number of reported cases of rape and gang rape increased up to 17 per cent in 2014 as compared last year.

’ (The News Thursday, December 11, 2014)

This is a condition of women in Pakistan in this scenario they are totally dependent on men of their family because in case they go out of home they might have to face anything of mentioned above, they are always scared and this scariness makes men feel stronger than women.

As a result they treat women as they are of less value it is happening in the world since ancient times although things have got better in the developed world but what about developing countries? every source to do progress, to get education, to become empowered is being taken from women just because if they will go out of home they will be ill treated by the men , and if they will get involved in a man they will have to be killed because this is an only way to secure the honor her family .

But what if women are enough strong to resist against the rapists, kidnappers, Street harassment, office harassment, physical violence, mental violence?

This is very simple control it all, let us make the women stronger , let us make them feel that they can protect themselves, that they do not need men to guard them .

What if women start realizing that they are equal to men, they have two hands to beat like them , they have two legs to run like them , they have two eyes to recognize the criminals like them , they have a brain to take a decision like them, they have a tongue to speak against injustice like them., they have two ears to listen the right and wrong like them , they have a pen to let the world know that they know about their rights and can take a stand for their rights like them ? They are skilled and employed like them and do not have depend on men for anything.

What if we a man who tries to rape a woman has to think thousand times before trying to do this because a woman has a power to break his legs and can send him to Jail’s hospital if he will try to do this .

We can make it possible and this is what we have decided to do at Zephaniah Free Education, here we teach women to make their brains and thinking levels stronger by getting Education, we teach them skills to make them feel empowered, and now we are going to teach them self-defense skills so that in future men have to think thousand times before they decide to take a women as an easy task .


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