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Leader Spotlight: Sister Zeph of Zephaniah Women’s Education and Empowerment Foundation

WorldWideWomen is a for-profit company on a social mission to move the needle toward gender parity. We know that this is a very big goal, but we believe that global connection and access to information and resources are powerful tools to help change the game for women, and that is what we are all about.

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The Lioness Rises With Love

This interview is part of the Wild Hope for a New Humanity Series with Clare Dubios with Sister Zeph. It is a part of our Journey to a Billion Trees Campaign.

Sister Zeph, we are speechless in the face of your courage. When a woman rises whilst her whole culture around her is trying to suppress her and hold her back, she is performing a very rare kind of alchemy in this world. To bring your voice to our global sisterhood feels like an extraordinary privilege. We called this interview ‘The Lioness Rises with Love’ because Sister Zeph reminds us me of a lioness taking care of her cubs with a fierce love; her students and all women.

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Your Global Voice — Voices of Women with host Denise Joy Thompson features Sister Zeph on March 19. Sister Zeph shares her journey and her life in creating a free school for girls and teaching work skills to women in her town/villages in Pakistan. Through many trials and tribulations, Sister Zeph shares how she kept her focus on her mission, her purpose, her calling from God. Sister Zeph is inspiring, motivating and transformational in her life’s work and in her message.

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