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About Sister Zeph

By Malee Kenworthy January 2018 In March of 2015 I serendipitously met one of the most amazing and inspirational women of my life. She goes by Sister Zeph. Sister Zeph lives in Punjab, Pakistan where women and girls have historically been prevented from education because their place has long thought to have been in the home. Sister Zeph is changing all of that one life at time and despite being attacked and shot at a

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Empowered Women are Power of all Women

Sister Zeph Posted July 30, 2018 from Pakistan South Asia had been under rule of other nations for hundreds of years whenever a new nation came to rule us they made their own rules, they implemented their own religion on us, they promoted their own culture and forced our ancestors to follow them. Our people were nothing but just slaves for centuries, they had no say in anything, and they had to follow what they

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If she is a daughter and not a son does it mean she will not feel pain?

Sister Zeph Posted June 30, 2018 from Pakistan This is my 9 years old student Meerab who has to take care of her four younger siblings, she cooks food, gives them shower, cleans house, washes clothes and comes to school every day. Her youngest sister is ½ year old and her mother is expecting another child in a few days she is giving birth to so many daughters because she wants to have another son

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Christmas-2017 in Pakistan

Sister Zeph Posted December 18, 2017 from Pakistan At Zeph Education where we not only give formal education to our students but we teach them many skills along with self-defense techniques and English language we have over 206 students and just a few of them are Christians our goal is not only to educate girls but to bring religious harmony among people too because we belong to a culture where people live for religion and

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Thanks to you my challenges without you I would not know my strengths

Sister Zeph Posted October 24, 2017 from Pakistan Each person has someone to be thankful for their support, love and care in the time when he/ she was feeling alone, saw no hope in life, wanted to give up, lost courage and found no reason to be alive. I also met people in my life who played a vital role to make me what I am today, every day I feel so thankful for my

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