Stand up women Stand up

Posted May 14, 2016 from Pakistan
(A message to the women of our world by a student of Zephaniah free Education)

In this developed world, there are some countries, where a girl’s Life is still a question mark and it’s been centuries that a girl’s life is a question mark for everyone. Is this a crime to be a girl? Why we are the ones who have to be the victims? Is it a sin to be a girl? Why we always have to compromise?

Is it fair to marry your daughter to a person who doesn’t deserve her, just because you can’t afford dowry amount? And then you get relaxed by saying that thank God, The burden of a daughter’s wedding has been removed. I mean really? Are we burdened by God to you?

Here are number of homes that are having such stories. Most of time, the father is a drug addict, he beats his wife and force her to go wherever and do whatever but bring money in every condition. The cruelness doesn’t end here, here are girls whose fathers are ready to sale them just for some amount of money? Does money have that much importance? It’s a thing one may have today and may be doesn’t have next day. She is your daughter, how can someone be so heartless?

Girls are not safe out of home nor at home A girl is more unsafe when she goes outside for anything, because there are boys who watch her like hungry wolves. The way they watch her from head to toe, is so disgusting. They tease her and call her clownishly, their horse-laugh irritate her so much, she wants to slap them but just passes by silently because of her fear. She is afraid of being raped by them. She is afraid of being beaten by family because even her family doesn’t let her to reply those boys. The married girls are beaten by their husbands and in-laws while un-married girls are victims of the cruel and strict behavior of their family members; that may be a father or a brother.

I just want to say to my girls that enough is enough. Now you have to stand up for your rights. You have to speak up so you may decide about your life on your own. And you know what the secret is? It is that once you take stand for your rights, these men can’t misbehave you anymore.

Then, with your hard work and enthusiasm, you can win more than men. The sky is the limit. The only way of being independent and strong is education. Education helps you to get everything you want. And now, you have to raise your voice for yourself and for the girls after you. So they have not to suffer like you did. They may spend their lives they want and fulfill their dreams.

Remember that the tyrant and the victim are equaled responsible for every injustice happens.

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