Through Digital Literacy Girl are Exploring the World in Pakistan

Posted July 14, 2016 from Pakistan
My Name is Roma and I am learning computer skills in Zephanaiah Free Education. I am really excited so I want to share the positive changes in my life after getting computer education. The purpose of writing this blog is to tell my audience that how technology can bring big changes in a common girl’s life that lives in a small village. Thorough writing this, I want to promote I.T education and want to tell everyone that computer education is essential now even for people us who are far behind then progressive people

I am doing intermediate and through computer and internet, I can get any required information regarding studies or exam schedule while sitting at home in couple of seconds. And there is no need to go to different shops for collecting information. I want to set my career in Pakistan Army so I get all updates regarding army on internet. I have subscribed different pages and channels to get required information.

As I am living in a 3rd world country so I get very less opportunities of getting education and when it’s about digital education, it’s really an odd thing in my village. But through Zeph Academy, girls like me are getting a chance to explore themselves. I want to get education to prove every person wrong who disbelieve in girl’s intellectual. We are stronger than men and do things in much better way.

Whatever I learn from sister Zeph, I share it with my father and it helps to change his mind about girl’s education. He keeps asking me what new thing I have learnt from Zeph academy and whenever I get information in minutes from internet, he becomes astonished and now he believes that one day his daughter will do big things and people will respect him because of her.

So far, I have learned MS Office skills and learned how to make accounts IDs on internet like email or face book account. And now I have a social community on internet too. We all friends share information with each other. We discuss different issues like education, pollution, harassment and further we try to find ways to make things better with our ideas. You know, when different ideas come on single platform, people can get better outcomes. Yes being females, we do share beauty tips and henna designs and we believe that such things are healthy for mind growth and self-grooming.

And I believe that when I will be fully skilled in I.T education, I may get very good job opportunities and even without going outside, I may earn money doing different online jobs. For me, computer education is everything and it has changed my life and my opinion about many things and I’m living a better life now and ambitious to make it even better

And lastly, I want to thank Sister Zeph who gave this opportunity to many girls like me to change our lives positively through different types of skills and education at her academy. She is a blessing for us. I love her and respect her a lot. It takes a lot of courage to do things for others without any expectation in return and she is doing from last 19 years with a smiling face.

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