Violence against women can be stopped by making women Empowered

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By Sister Zeph

On 26 May, 2014

Aziza came to our beauty Salon Training Center about two weeks before. She is a beautiful girl of about twenty five years, she has two sons. Her home is about 30km far from our Center, But still she wanted to take the admission , I asked her that how she will come here every day and who will take care of her three year and four year old sons? She got silent did not get an answer, that who will take care of the kids when she will be in the center. I suggested her to do the course when her children will be able to go to school. But she insisted that she could not be late. On the time of her marriage, she was told that her husband was an educated man and was doing a good job but after sometime she came to know that he was used to take drugs and he did not do any kind of work, his parents thought, that after getting married he will become responsible and will leave all bad habits, but he remained same. So now it was necessary for Aziza to learn some work so that she could earn something herself. I suggested her to bring her children with her in the center, and our girls will take care of them, I called a volunteer, and asked her to take good care of the children must give them to eat. And we made arrangements for them to sleep as well. She said she will not be able to come for six months, so I and the teacher at Beauty salon decided that we will give her some extra time so that she will be able to learn more in minimum time. Aziza decided to live at her mother’s home which is near to our center, so that Aziza will not have to travel so much every day. She was very happy that she was going to be empowered now, but it was not over yet she still had an exam to pass for this. So she went to her husband to ask him to give her permission to stay at her mother’s home for a month, So that she would learn bridal make and hair dressing and by doing work at home she will be able to give a financial support to her husband. But he beat her so much, and on this week when I saw her, most of her body parts were blue, her face got pale with weakness, sadness, helplessness humiliation and pain. He did this because he is against women to do work, he did this because she had a dream without his permission, and he did this because he wanted to make her feel that even if she will become skilled, still he will remain the boss. And after doing all that he allowed her to stay at her mother’s home for one month. Good news is that she still wants to learn, so I am standing with


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