When he beats her, I go to the washroom and cry a lot without making a noise.

Posted to Sister Zeph’s Journal

By Sister Zeph

On 02 August, 2015

I am a girl like every girl but my life is not like all other girls I have two brothers, I am the oldest child of my parents, my life is very strange, I have seen only one thing since my birth at my home, quarreling, beating and abusing, all of this my father does with my mother, It is a 25th wedding anniversary of them today, they have three children and still he is doing the same with her.

He beats my mother and to my brothers on small things and beats very bad, sometimes I desire that I do not have a father, but then I think either he is good or bad but he is my father.

One day I came to know the reason of his beating, he does not  do anything but he wants money, so he asks my mother to borrow money from the people and when she is fail to do this he beats her. Because he wants everything without doing any work.

My mother stitches foot balls and pays the fee of my brothers in the school, I study at Zeph education so it is free but my brothers have to pay a big fee in the school, so my mother has to do work for them with her injured hands and heart, because my father never stops from giving her injuries, he does not only tries to kill her self-respect but he is killing her heart and body too like a slow poising

On the day of Eid, everybody was celebrating Eid, but my mother was being beaten by my father, my father is a drug addicted and on Eid day he took drugs.

I like my mother so much she is bearing all this violence for her children.

I am studying at Zeph Education since last 8 years, where lives of the  children get change ,so mine also has changed ,here dreams of the girls are being made true, which is a source of happiness for the girls, two of our school fellows are going to join the Pak Army , all of us are very excited about that, and all of this is happening because of our sister Zeph,Zeph Education has everything, here we have all and more important thing is that everything is free of charge, School/ Academy, Stitching center, beauty Parlor, Self Defense Techniques, health care center , adult basic education , technical Courses for the boys, Computer Center , women library, body fitness program and much more,

I want to be a Journalist if I would not join the Zeph Education I was suppose to have a life like my mother, but now I have a dream and I know my sister Zeph will do everything to make it a happen, so that I can support my brothers and my mother to get them rid of all this, I will bring peace into the life of my mother.

I have a desire to tell all the parents that please stop fighting and to the fathers that please stop beating your wife and children, after all they are also human beings, they also feel pain, if you will not leave your bad habits the lives of your children and wife will be ruined.

When my father beats my mother I go to the washroom and cry a lot without making a noise. If I would not meet Sister Zeph I would not know about the feelings of happiness and love and care because I had not see them at my home ever.


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