Who Will Stop Rapes ? Who will Protect Women ?

Posted to Sister Zeph’s Journal

By Sister Zeph

On 20 June, 2014

On dated 19-6-2014, at mid night when we all were sleeping there were a family in the Village phalo Charagh Shah Punjab Pakistan, a mother and a father was bind with ropes with two chairs, they wanted to die, they were helpless, there was no one to help them, their hearts were dying inside, they were forced to see such thing which no body like to see, nobody even like to imagine. They were crying for divine mercy. Five men attacked at their home, they bound them with ropes and in front of their eyes all of them one by one raped their daughter, they were using so dirty language, they were laughing on their helplessness, they were feeling proud on themselves for what they were doing. The Girl was just crying, she was not able to even move she was bleeding a lot. Her father was sitting in front of her, he wanted to close his eyes but every time he had to open when he heard the cries of her daughter. After doing her rape they left and threatened that if they will go to police they will be killed, parents already were thinking they were dead, they were not afraid of anything now because there was nothing to secure in their hands, but when they were on way to police station, they were followed by the same men and killed by their car Father was dead at the spot but mother died at hospital, the girl is still alive but she is in critical condition. It is being said that the same men did a rape of another girl in a same way a few days before but because they are rich so police cannot arrest them, as happened in this case, although FIR has been launched but those men could not be arrested. (Daily Dunya Pakistan dated 20-6-2014) I am sorry I have no other words to use for those cowards so I have to call them men otherwise you know real men do this, they get control on their hearts before getting anything else, men never do a rape ,real men just give respect to women. Last month a pregnant woman in Lahore High Court in the presence of police was stoned to death, and our society has forgotten that, before this a five yours old little girl was raped we have forgotten that too, a girl in my village was raped by a group of such cowards and she committed suicide after that and we have forgotten that too. A girls in Muzafar Garh burnt herself because her rapist were not arrested for being rich and our society have forgotten that too I think it should be a law that all rich men have a right to rape girls of poor, or may be our society is waiting for the time when every girl in every home will be raped then we will take a stand. I have always been told that there is so much respect in our society for women, oh so this is what we call respect, I understood it now. So we call it respect for women, when they get raped, when they are not safe any where and when we remain silent on all such cases.


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