Why she allowed her husband to sleep with sex workers, in her bedroom for 30 years ?

Posted to Sister Zeph’s Journal

By Sister Zeph

On 21 November, 2013

By Zephaniah

I know her very well, she is an empowered lady and earn thousands of rupees every month, last week she was sitting with me in my home, We both were having tea together , So while talking she told me very strange thing about her life, that I could never thought of her family. She said two months before when her sister-in law got married and came back again home, after a few days to meet her family. It was a season of summer, so in my country people sleep on the roof in summers, because most of them cannot afford to have A.C and on roof they can have good air to sleep there, in the night. So when they all were going to sleep on the roof, her mother-in-law stopped and said, you sleep down stairs tonight, because there are some guests on the roof. My friend asked her mother-in-law, who are those guests and she why did not meet us all ?By saying this she went upstairs and saw a very young and beautiful girl was sitting there, who was wearing a nice dress with a dark make up. My friend was told that this lady girl was a sister of her father-in-law and will sleep with him tonight so all of them will sleep downstairs My friend got curious about it; there were many questions in her mind, that why she does not know her? Why no one can sleep there except her father-in-law and that strange girl etc? And on doing inquiry, she came to know that, actually she was a call girl and she will spend this night with her father-in-law and he has paid her for this. It was unbelievable for her, she turned and looked at mother-in-law, and she did not understand that why the old lady was doing this for her husband, why she allowed doing this? But the reply of old lady was stranger than anything else, She replied, her husband is doing the same from last 30 years and she has to bear it all, although she had been faithful with him throughout her life, but if she will not bear it , he will throw her out of home, she said more, that she needs home, protection, name of a man, children, food, clothes and he has provided her all, So it’s ok if he has never been faithful to her. That old lay is bearing it all from 30 years and no one could know this secret, just because she needs to fulfill her needs, she was not educated neither empowered, so she has been humiliating like this. If a woman’s husband brings a call girl and asks his wife to sit out side of his room to keep his secret, can any one imagine the condition of that lady during that time? But it happens because our women are so weak, they are not aware of their rights, they do not dare to fight for their rights because they have no courage to fulfill their basic needs themselves. I do not know how many women in the world are suffering due to this humiliation, but I know only one thing, that feeling and self respect of women will keep on selling for food, house and clothes until we do not make each and every woman educated and empowered in this world.


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