Why the Process of Change is so slow?

Posted March 18, 2016 from Pakistan
Most people in the world discuss about Pakistan’s less illiteracy rate and not only Government of Pakistan but a lot of nonprofit organizations are working so hard to educate people of Pakistan including me.

I have spent 18 years of life to educate girls in Pakistan and I wish I could have more lives to carry on my work.

180 million people make Pakistan the 6th most populous country of the world and Pakistan has one of the lowest literacy rates in the world and according to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), it is 55 per cent and Pakistan stands at 160th in total countries of the world’’

So according to me there should be a state of emergency in Pakistan for education and all the world should think about it more seriously

But after all the efforts of all the stake holders who are working to educate people of Pakistan a question raises in my mind

Is it enough to make schools, to hire teachers, to provide books, pens and all the tools?

Ex-Chief Minister of Province of Baluchistan Pakistan once said’’ Degree is Degree’’ which means it does not matter it is real or fake ‘’ this man has done Masters in political Science, he has visited all over the world and he has been a minister of several ministries for years in Pakistan

In Pakistan some people can buy degree of any type and can become a Doctor or engineer overnight.

In Punjab where 48% literate people of Pakistan live, there is a Government School in my own village where teachers are getting salary $300 to $400 a month and they do not go to school for teaching but they have hired girls whose qualification is just Matriculation and some have even less then this education but they are teaching children for $10 or $20 a month, and those teachers who are hired by the Government and who are being paid for this, they are highly qualified but they are ruining future of their students, getting salaries and keep setting at home.

There are private schools in every village which are very small in area, buildings are not safe, teacher are not enough educated and have no proper knowledge of teaching, they are being paid very less salary and force children to get tuition from them after school so that they can earn enough money , they teach only selective lessons to the students what they will ask them on question papers during exams so children get good marks and parents think their children are doing great and that teachers and schools are very good.

It is common to disrespect children on the bases of cast, color, religion and status. Teachers beat them and humiliate them, not only parents but teachers force them to choose the subject of their choice and children are not being given a right to make a choice.

For them the purpose of education is only to get a good job and to earn money and because girls are not allowed mostly to do a job so of course people think they do not need to go to school.

90% syllabus is Islamicand sofrom the very beginning children of minorities feel themselves as coming from a lower class and the Muslims feel they are the higher class and try to dominate others.

Most private schools in Pakistan do not have play grounds and those which have do not allow students to play only schools where children of rich people can get education have such opportunity although majority of our people belong to a poor society who live in narrow streets and small houses and when they cannot get open mindedness and play grounds in school they remain narrow minded and physically unfit and schooling does not make any difference in their lives and ultimately our society is same as it is since centuries and the process of change is very slow.

All the bureaucrats, teachers, engineers, clerks, administrative, policy makers and all the Government officials are educated but still

We have high ranks in owner killing, corruption, bribe, child marriage, people believe what they are being told and they are not aware of logic but trust and do not dare to ask a question for anything.

They dominate each other and expect that any one should follow them at any cost; they want to get power by all means and use it against weak.

Even after 69 years of freedom the Pakistan is ranked

Most dangerous country for the world: ex-CIA official. The Express Tribune October 9, 2015

One of most dangerous countries for minorities: The Express Tribune: June 12, 2014

One of the most dangerous countries to be a woman, the New Economy June 17, 2014 Pakistan ranks third on Global Terrorism Index Dawn NOV 18, 2014 And almost half of our population is literate.

All the peace makers, educators and whole world is dreaming to see equality and peace in the world and we know solution of our all problems is only in education but we have to remember that it is Education not just school buildings and other tools but teachers.

The teachers who know that teaching is not a profession but it is a mission a mission not to earn money but to make a future of generations and nations and who know that if a school is not making a positive change in the society it is not a school but just a building full of people not of learners and teachers.

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