Women are making change, everywhere in the World

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By Sister Zeph

On 19 January, 2014

It was Sunday yesterday , So as usual I went to the other village for teaching to the girls , and came back home in afternoon, So the children of my school were at home already, waiting for me, Because they study on Sunday too due to exams, (going to be held in Feb – 2014).

I excused the children and went to the kitchen to make breakfast for me. And as usual I asked the children if anyone was hungry , every girl replied in No, But three girls replied with a pause, So I got that they were hungry I sent rice with soup for them, Khalida was helping me to serve, she is a very honest and cute girl, I trust her for everything, she is not good in studies, and it is because of her weak health and sickness, So she cannot focus on her studies, apart from this she is a very good human being . very loving and caring, So when I started eating my breakfast I asked her to eat , she was sitting with me, she said No, but I know she always deny and because she is weak, so I always want her to eat anything, but she was not agreed, then told me with so much innocence, That she had not eaten anything since last night, she said” I had not eaten anything since last night, I gave my all food to my brother , Still I am not feeling hungry) I knew there was nothing to eat at her home. So I asked her, Khalida, see if you will not eat, how you will help me to run the school, in future I will need your support so you have to be healthy, on this, she was agreed to eat.

She is very talkative so while eating she told me that, a few days before she came to know the importance of education in life. She was sick and was having bad cold and cough, and every time she coughed she covered her face to keep her family safe from the germs and whenever she ate anything before that, she washed her hands with soap. And she felt better after that, she told to wash hands before eating anything to her family too.

More over every day when she reaches home she teaches her 50 years old Aunt for 30 minutes.

After taking breakfast I came out to my student and asked them, that how ZFE has change their lives.

Saima told’’ Now she learns by heart and love to study, she tries to understand her lessons and now she focused.

Rabia told ‘’ whatever she learns from here she pass it on to other girls and women in her street.

Aisha said’’ She has leant to help each other.

Reema said’’ she has learnt that every human being has a role to play to make this world a better place. And so on. And in night while I was telling it all to my sister, we both were thinking that yes, we are making a change, yes lives are being changed.

Many of my students have plans to make this world a better place; they want to learn and want to teach. I am so proud of them.


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